10/03/10 — Heifers show their weight at beef show

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Heifers show their weight at beef show

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on October 3, 2010 1:50 AM

The annual Queen of the Fair pageant had been over for several hours, but there was still plenty of primping to be had at the Wayne County Fairgrounds early Saturday morning.

Avery Faulkner used a spray bottle for a little extra shine.

And Sydney Cox and Elizabeth Mintz, several times, each reached for their brushes.

But the three weren't worried about their own appearance as each waited to face judge Dustin Tyndall.

Their focus was on the cows they hoped would bring them glory by noon.

For Faulkner, the lone Wayne County participant in this year's Open Junior Beef Heifer Show, his attention to detail paid off -- the young man took home first and second place in Class No. 4.

But no competitor commanded more attention than junior showman Will Dudley.

Many of those in the crowd were pulling for the little boy.

Maybe it was because he was the smallest handler on hand -- he tried to maintain eye contact with Tyndall, but failed to several times because his animal was taller than him.

Or perhaps the fact that he was getting bullied by the beast touched their hearts -- Will fought his heifer for the duration of his time in the ring and was nearly pushed into the gate on three or four different occasions.

"He's great," said Mary Anne Wilkins, a spectator who said she had never before attended the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair. "You've got to give it to him. The little guy has some fight in him, but he's losing the battle."

But he still got his ribbon for sixth place in junior showmanship -- even if, as the judge put it, his heifer kept "wanting to dance around."

Will, though, was not the only one with a fight on his hands.

In fact, Sydney, who ended up as the big winner with a first place in Senior Showmanship and the title of Grand Champion, was the only one who kept her animal in check.

"She always has that calf in the perfect position," Tyndall said.