10/19/10 — City will apply for $125,000 grant for Stoney Creek Park

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City will apply for $125,000 grant for Stoney Creek Park

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on October 19, 2010 2:45 PM

The Goldsboro City Council unanimously agreed Monday to match a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant up to $150,000 for a project that would bring an amphitheater, restrooms and improved trails to Stoney Creek Park.

But the allocation is not a done deal -- the city is only now applying for the grant and, as of today, has not been awarded any money for the proposed improvements to the Ash Street site.

Parks and Recreation Director Ruben Wall told the board that the grant application could only be submitted if the city government agreed to provide matching funds -- the grant is for $125,000 -- and came before the board at its pre-meeting work session seeking its "blessing."

"The council basically has to say, 'Move ahead,'" Wall said.

And board members did just that, but not before Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Allen asked if the combined allocation would cover the cost of the proposed additions.

"Is $250,000 gonna do this?" he said.

"It should cover it," Councilman Bob Waller replied.

But just in case, council members agreed to up the city's match to $150,000.

Mayor Al King said he isn't worried about coming up with the money, as in-kind donations can be used to make up the $150,000 -- King said that figure could be reached within the three-year limit set by the PARTF by using city employees to complete the labor associated with the project.

And Wall said construction of an amphitheater and restrooms does not go against the council's previously established philosophy of reserving Stoney Creek Park as a greenspace to avoid damage to expensive equipment in the event of flooding.

"The additions will be located outside of the flood plain," he said.

Whether or not the city will be awarded the grant remains to be seen. But Wall said he is optimistic about Goldsboro's chances.

"I have to stay that way. I have to go in thinking I'm going to get it -- that no one else is going to outwork me," he said. "Why not Goldsboro?"