11/28/10 — Two inmates break out of Wayne jail Friday

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Two inmates break out of Wayne jail Friday

By Gary Popp
Published in News on November 28, 2010 1:50 AM

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Tracey Deaver

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Michael Minard

Two inmates escaped from the Wayne County Detention Center around 11:30 p.m. Friday.

Inmates Michael D. Minard and Tracey A. Deaver attacked detention officer Sgt. Albert Anders during routine guard duty. Cellmates Minard and Deaver rigged their cell door so it appeared to be locked while Anders conducted his rounds.

After Anders check the door, the men attacked him from behind and locked him in their cell and took his keys and radio. Anders received injuries to his head and body.

The inmates used Anders' keys to exit the jail. The inmates then gained access to the courthouse by breaking through a door. During the search for the escaped inmates, jail personnel, Goldboro police, Wayne County Sheriff's deputies and Highway Patrol troopers all responded.

Following a call from a citizen, the two men were apprehended approximately one mile from the jail near the intersection of South John Street and House Street.

Minard is being held at the jail for assault by strangulation, second degree kidnapping, assault on a female and communicating threats charges.

Deaver is being held on three county of statutory rape, felony larceny, and injury to personal property charges.

Additional charges on both inmates, including escape, are currently being investigated.

Officer Albert Anders was treated at Wayne Memorial Hospital. He has since been released and said to be in good condition.

The jail staff is working on ways to prevent similar incidents.

"There are definitely going to be some changes made in how we monitor our inmates and how our officers work the floors to make the jailers and the inmates more safe," jail administrator Capt. Fane Greenfield said.

At the time of the escape, the jail had an inmate population of approximately 225 inmates -- 25 over capacity, though relatively low compared to the nearly 265 inmates house earlier in 2010.

Greenfield insists the escape did not occur because of the overpopulation.

"It could have happened if there were 30 inmates," Greenfield said.

Greenfield said the incident was premeditated even beyond the rigging of the cell door.

Greenfield explained that the incident occurring during a night shift when "things are kind of quiet," and during the holidays, shows the inmates were looking for the opportune time to attempt an escape.

"The inmates have plenty of time to think," Greenfield said. "Some of them are always thinking about ways they can get out."