01/02/11 — Wayne residents' prognosis bright for new year

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Wayne residents' prognosis bright for new year

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on January 2, 2011 1:50 AM

For the most part, optimism still abounds as area residents welcome a new year.

The economy, depressed job market and other gloom-and-doom stories of recent years have long deflated the morale across the country.

But as 2010 closed out, most chose to focus on the potential for things to improve.

Tom Wood, a security officer at Berkeley Mall, said he is "conservatively hopeful" things will turn around, but admitted that only time will bear out the theory.

"We're hearing a lot but we're not seeing a lot," he said. "I'm typically an optimistically pessimist, they call that a realist. You have got to hope things turn around. We didn't get here overnight and it will take some time to straighten out again."

Diana Jones of Goldsboro had a harder time mustering up some hope.

"I don't see it getting any better, in general," she said. "I just don't see anything improving in any area, really. Everything just seems to be getting worse instead of


Stasia Fields of Goldsboro, out shopping after the holidays, took a more philosophical approach -- whatever you focus on, you'll get.

"It's going to get better, it's got to get better, I think," she said. "It will get better in the economy, job openings and stuff."

Sharing a bench in the mall, William Best and Tyrone Jones chose to focus on what they already have to be thankful for, with a confidence that better days are coming.

"I think it's going well, it can't be any worse than 2010," said Best, who lives in Cumberland County but was in town visiting relatives. "I have seen where my stock portfolio has doubled and you can slowly see where the jobs are coming back.

"I look forward to a resurgence in 2011."

Jones, a maintenance worker at the mall, boiled it down into even simpler terms.

"Just as long as I'm able to see 2011 means a lot to me, a lot of (folks) didn't," he said. "Healthwise, I appreciate it. I have got my health. Just being able to sit and have my health is enough for me.

"I think things are getting ready to turn for the good. I definitely don't see it getting any worse."

Linda Moore of Mount Olive, out shopping with her daughter, Marie Badger of Clayton, said she feels great about 2011 and anticipates it will be a "wonderful year."

"I'm looking forward to another birthday in January and I'm very optimistic about the new year," she said. "I think everything is going to open up. I'm already seeing people being happy."

"I'm like my mom," said Mrs. Badger. "I always look forward to a new year because it brings new beginnings, new things to look forward to."

In actuality, Mrs. Badger is probably more prepared than most. She even has a special ritual she does at the end of every year in anticipation.

"I always take the last two weeks off in December, just to prepare and reflect," she said. "I always look forward to Jan. 3, getting ready to new endeavors."

The two-week respite involves no traveling, as her job in Cary requires enough of that during the year. Rather, it's downtime to relish her husband taking care of the kids while she carves out time to spend with her mother, creating memories.

"I rest, relax and refresh so I'll be ready to go back in January," she said. "I plan it like that, I plan to take those last two weeks just to rest."