01/20/11 — Arts Festival winners named

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Arts Festival winners named

By From staff reports
Published in News on January 20, 2011 1:46 PM

Winners in the Junior Woman's Club's Arts Festival at the Arts Council are listed below.

Winners in the elementary category were:

* Visual arts, oils -- Josh Koshkin, first, Wayne Montessori; Sahil Hogarty, second, Wayne Montessori; and Megan Kane, third, Wayne Montessori.

* Visual arts, tempera paint -- Diamante Beyette, first, North Drive Elementary; Tamya Lewis, second, North Drive Elementary; and Nazjalle Wooten, third, North Drive Elementary.

* Visual arts, crayon -- Manal Saleh, first, Meadow Lane Elementary; Yaneli Cervantes, second, Spring Creek Elementary; and Collin Perozeri, third, Northeast Elementary.

* Drawing, pen and ink -- Horacio Renteria, first, Northeast Elementary, and Joseph Alvarez, second, Spring Creek Elementary.

* Drawing, colored pencil -- Joshua LaBron, first and second, Spring Creek Elementary.

* Drawing, pastels -- Dyamond George, first, Carver Heights Elementary; Daunte'shya Crawford, second, Carver Heights Elementary; and Erin Ochoa-Avila, third, Carver Heights Elementary.

* Drawing, mixed media -- Derek Drew, first, Spring Creek Elementary; Chloe Thomas, second, Spring Creek Elementary; and Rayna Gibson, third, Eastern Wayne Elementary.

* Crafts, plaster -- Ryan Kimble, first, Northeast Elementary; Kalee Dawson, second, Northeast Elementary; and Lindsey Autry, third, Northeast Elementary.

* Crafts, paper -- Riley Lancaster, first, Northeast Elementary; Donovan Banks, second, Tommy's Road Elementary; and Ainsley Harrison, third, Tommy's Road Elementary.

* Crafts, weaving -- Ryan Kimble, first, Northeast Elementary.

Middle school:

* Visual arts, markers -- Jennifer Ortiz, first, Brogden Middle; Shikeme Ellis, second, Dillard Middle; and Mayron Carmon, third, Dillard Middle.

* Visual arts, tempera paint -- Hannah Miller, first, Rosewood Middle; Taylor Malpass, second, Mount Olive Middle; and Charles Ablan, third, Rosewood Middle.

* Drawing, pen and ink -- Daisy Lemus, first, Mount Olive Middle, and Josh Hardison, second, Mount Olive Middle.

* Drawing, graphite pencil -- Wuilmer Velasquez Roblero, first, Brogden Middle.

* Drawing, colored pencil -- Angel Pineda, first, Spring Creek Middle; Lee Anna Haskins, second, Brogden Middle; and Sofia Zometa, third, Brogden Middle.

* Drawing, charcoal -- Madison Harkay, first, Spring Creek Middle.

* Drawing, pastels -- Austin Mayo, first, Mount Olive Middle; Alex Hester Parrish, second, Mount Olive Middle; and Nayla Gainer, third, Mount Olive Middle.

* Drawing, mixed media -- Alexis Gonazalez, first, Brogden Middle; Hannah Johnson, second, Brogden Middle; and Adrian Flores Jr., third, Brogden Middle.

* Crafts, ceremics/clay -- Cynthia Rivera, first, Mount Olive Middle, and Jennifer Jerinimo, second, Mount Olive Middle.

* Crafts, paper -- Montica Anthony, first, Greenwood Middle, and Kaleb Ginn, second, Greenwood Middle.

High school:

* Visual arts, oils -- Jihyun Lee, first, Wayne County Day; Dominique Eason, second, Wayne Country Day; and Katie Jackson, third, Wayne Country Day.

* Visual arts, tempera paint -- Miller Delbridge, first, Eastern Wayne; Jami Lavin, second, Eastern Wayne; and Jerraye Daniels, third, Eastern Wayne.

* Visual arts, computer graphics -- Sterling Coggins, first, Wayne County Day; Oliver Ramirez, second, Wayne Country Day; and Chace Barfield, third, Wayne Country Day.

* Visual arts, watercolors -- Katie kimble, first, Eastern Wayne, and Morgan Howell, second, Spring Creek.

* Photography, color -- Anna Rains, first, Wayne Country Day; Oliver Reimer, second, Wayne Country Day; and David Crane, third, Wayne Country Day.

* Photography, digitally enhanced -- Bryce Clege, first, Wayne Country Day.

* Drawing, graphite pencil -- Sarah Kemp, first and second, Spring Creek, and Bethany Evans, third, Eastern Wayne.

* Drawing, colored pencil, group I -- Stacie Salter, first, Spring Creek; Holly Heath, second, Rosewood; and Linda Ramirez, third, Spring Creek.

* Drawing, colored pencil, group II -- Hannah Krueger, first, Eastern Wayne; Kristen Larson, second, Eastern Wayne; and Connor Langston, third, Eastern Wayne.

* Drawing, charcoal -- Jo Turner, first, Spring Creek.

* Drawing, pastels -- Stacie Salter, first, Spring Creek.

* Drawing, mixed media -- Cory Merrill, first, Rosewood; Jesus Hernandez, second, Rosewood; and Hannah Brown, third, Spring Creek.

* Crafts, decoupage -- Monica Beushausen, first, Wayne Country Day.

* Crafts, paper -- Sameer Patel, first, Wayne Country Day.