01/21/11 — Defendant denies any part in murder

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Defendant denies any part in murder

By Gary Popp
Published in News on January 21, 2011 1:46 PM

Windsor Ingram took the stand Thursday to defend himself against a charge of first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of Tomorris Njai Raynor.

Ingram, 24, denied all details from previous testimonies that related him to the scene of the September 2007 incident in Mount Olive.

Ingram, of Goldsboro, told the jury he was not in Mount Olive the day of shooting. Instead, he was with his children in Goldsboro the entire day.

He denied ever knowing Raynor, or meeting with the man who testified Wednesday that Ingram had told him he shot Raynor.

Ingram also denied ever driving the vehicle that has been associated with the suspect throughout the trial. And he denied ever being known as "Weezy," the name ascribed to the suspect numerous times since the trial began.

Ingram even denied having ever been on Kornegay Street where the midday murder occurred.

"The truth is something you don't forget," Ingram told Assistant District Attorney Matt Delbridge between questions.

Some testimony has indicated the shooting might have been drug-related.

"I don't deal in drugs. That is a lie," Ingram said when Delbridge asked him how he managed to provide for himself and his two children.

Ingram's two children live in Goldsboro with their mother.

She also testified Wednesday, backing up Ingram's defense by saying that he was in Goldsboro with their children at the time of the shooting.

Closing arguments are expected to be made today and court officials indicated a verdict could be reached soon.