03/02/11 — State ALE raids city restaurant

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State ALE raids city restaurant

By Gary Popp
Published in News on March 2, 2011 1:46 PM

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Lamar's Mexican Restaurant on South George Street was raided Feb. 20, with lawmen finding widespread evidence of cocaine use.

State Alcohol Law Enforcement agents raided a Goldsboro restaurant in February and seized 16 grams of cocaine. Twenty-one people were charged, although only one was charged with drug possession.

ALE agents entered Lamar's Mexican Restaurant in the 700 block of South George Street in the early hours of Sunday, Feb. 20. Most of those charged were cited for drinking after hours but an agent said that lawmen walked in on what was apparently a wide-open cocaine party.

"Small plastic bags containing cocaine and cocaine residue were scattered throughout every room of the building except the kitchen," said the agent, who asked to remain anonymous. "Four people were found flushing cocaine down toilets in the women's bathroom."

Nearly 80 people were at the establishment when a team of four agencies, lead by Alcohol Law Enforcement entered the building about 3 a.m.

Marijuana and methamphetmine was also found on the premises.

Five individuals of the Hispanic gang MS-13 were identified through self admission and their tattoos, the agent said.

The agent said that after securing the premises, patrons were divided into three groups. The agent explained that some people were not charged and told to leave, others were cited and the third group of individuals were identified as people of interest, including suspected gang members and those without proper identification.

Cesar Lamar, the establishment's owner, was charged with selling alcohol after hours and failing to supervise an alcohol-licensed business.

His wife, Claudia Lamar, also was charged with selling alcohol after hours, as was bartender Ana Lopez.

Angel Deleon was charged with possession of cocaine and Alec Grant was charged with obstructing a law enforcement officer .

Another patron, Omar Salasar, was charged with posssessing a fraudulent North Carolina identification card

Charged with consuming beer after hours were: Raphael Jimenez, Rigoberto Perez, Jose Fonseca, Rumoaldo Mejia, Edgar Meja-Yoc, Alejandre Aguirre, Jesus Garza, Rigoberto Martines, Hugo Gaspar, Salatiel Gonzalez, Pablo Aguilon, Cesar Cabrara, Silverio Torres and Rigoberto Mauricio.