04/14/11 — Southern Wayne receives three bomb threats in week

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Southern Wayne receives three bomb threats in week

By Gary Popp
Published in News on April 14, 2011 1:46 PM

Three bomb-threat hoaxes have stopped classes at Southern Wayne High School in the past week.

Classes were interrupted, and the school was evacuated following each of the threats made on April 7, 12 and 13.

The break in class times have lasted 45, 30 and 30 minutes.

The threats have come in the form messages written on the school's walls.

Last week, writing on a girls' bathroom walls was found that stated "I will blow this school" and "Bomb Threat."

On Wednesday, someone found "Bomb Threat at 2:15 2day" written on the wall of a stairwell.

On Thursday, a girl's bathroom wall again served as the canvas for someone to write "Bomb in locker 403."

The pranks have initiated dual investigations by the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and school officials at Southern Wayne.

Ken Derksen, public information officer with the public school district said the pranks are being taken very seriously.

"This is a class H felony, and it is a dangerous hoax to be playing and not something the school district is taking lightly," Derksen said. "Any student or individual found responsible will be charged by the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with board policy."

Derksen added that the threats are not conducive to a safe learning environment.

"Even though the person doing the hoax may consider it a joke, anytime a threat is made against the students we consider it a very serious thing," Derksen said.

Derksen said it has not been determined if it is the same person committing the prank or if a copycat effect is taking place.

"At this time, we can't say if it is one person or more than one person," Derksen said.

Derksen said the Crimestoppers program is available inside the school to students who may be able to provide details on the pranks and want to protect their anonymity.