07/13/11 — WCC turns on new digital sign

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WCC turns on new digital sign

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on July 13, 2011 1:46 PM

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Wayne Community College has turned on its new digital sign on Wayne Memorial Drive to let students and people in the community know what's happening on its campus.

Commuters on Wayne Memorial Drive will now have a visual reminder of the many programs, as well as special events going on at Wayne Community College.

A digital sign, made possible by county funds and capital building and grounds money, was officially lit up earlier this week, said Don Magoon, chief of administrative services at the college.

The project cost approximately $54,000, including tax and utilities, Magoon said.

"What we hope to do with the sign is keep people informed with what's happening here on campus, including the student body -- things like registration and special events -- and for the community at large because we do host a lot of events, workshops, meetings," he said. "In many respects, we kind of serve as the civic center that doesn't exist. We have several hundred events that go on throughout the year."

At the outset, the sign will likely be illuminated throughout the mornings into the evenings for commuter traffic, then shut down late evening, Magoon said.

It is also a "green" sign, he added.

"Everything about the sign is low voltage, an energy-saving kind of thing," he said. "We tried to make it as an energy efficient as we possibly could."

During the summer months, when traffic on campus lightens up, other projects are also being handled.

"We're still working heavily on our campus beautification plan, removing old shrubs and things that need to be removed and that kind of groundwork," he said. "The campus is looking fabulous now and so we're working hard on that.

"We finished some painting projects, recarpeted our music room. My staff is working hard to get ready for the fall semester. We're about to get into areas that are harder to get into at any other time when parking lots are full and that kind of thing."

The bright blue and white sign marking the campus entrance, though, has been long anticipated.

"The students have wanted something like this and of course, faculty and staff as well," Magoon said. "We're just overrun with ideas of how we can use it."