07/27/11 — Busco Beach set to host national ATV sport competition in September

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Busco Beach set to host national ATV sport competition in September

By Aaron Moore
Published in News on July 27, 2011 1:46 PM

While families from Wayne County and across the country enjoy the summer out at Busco Beach, workers there are gearing up for a new national event coming to the area in September.

Busco will host the 2011 American Motorcyclist Association ATV Extreme Dirt Track Nationals, a national event that Goldsboro city officials expect will bring in about 10,000 spectators who will cheer on racers as they compete for a national title and a $10,000 prize.

Betsy Rosemann, director of Travel and Tourism, said Busco's event is one of eight series in the country. She said five other states put in bids to get the event, but in the end the AMA chose Goldsboro.

"We were able to capture it, so we're really excited about that," Mrs. Rosemann said.

But even though the event will be hosted in Goldsboro, Mrs. Rosemann said challengers from more than 40 states will compete, and the race has a host of national sponsors.

Mrs. Rosemann added that city officials hoped the event would provide an economic boon to Goldsboro with visitors traveling to see the race.

Jack Bennett, Busco Beach's owner, said he and his staff are excited to host such a large-scale event. He said workers are in the process now of putting up fencing and lighting for the track.

"I know we've had a lot of our unpleasant moments here at Busco, but we've got ... a lot of good things going on," Bennett said.

Event promoter Ken Ferrell said he knew about drowning accidents at Busco Beach in recent years, but said he thought the park was on the right track to be a safe, family-oriented place.

"We have been working on this program for two years, and there's already been some great changes at Busco," Ferrell said. "I think it's just going to be a great place for people of all ages. It's all about family."

Ferrell added that AMA chose Busco because it's ideally located for people to visit on their way to the beach.

The race will take place Sept. 3 at noon. Tickets will be $15 for adults and $5 for children. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled tentatively for Aug. 18 at 10 a.m.