08/10/11 — First Carolina Postal Credit Union changing names, location

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First Carolina Postal Credit Union changing names, location

By Ty Johnson
Published in News on August 10, 2011 1:46 PM

Patrons calling the First Carolina Postal Credit Union may be surprised when a voice on the other line greets them with "People's Credit Union, how may I help you?"

That's because the Goldsboro-based banking institution has changed its name to the First Carolina People's Credit Union to reflect its broadening customer base after receiving its community charter in July, meaning it can now accept membership from anybody who lives, works, worships or attends school in Wayne County.

"Prior to that you had to have a connection to us," said Crystal Grant, manager of the Goldsboro branch.

True to its roots, though, all past or present Postal employees and their families are welcome, along with current or former Maola Milk & Ice Cream employees and their relatives.

Mrs. Grant said Maola employee members, as well as those with connections to credit unions that had merged with FCPCU, had not had their occupations reflected in the name, so the change in clientele was also a good chance for a new identity.

"It was truly the time to change our name," she said.

Besides that, the credit union's Goldsboro branch relocation gives great cause for change as the bank will move seven blocks west up Ash Street to its intersection with John Street.

Mrs. Grant said the credit union was interested in the building at 201 E. Ash Street because it was already in great shape to be a financial building, though there are still renovations to be completed in advance of the bank's Oct. 11 opening. The new location's proximity to the current branch was another added bonus.

"It's not that far of a distance," she said, adding that cost was another factor weighed heavily in the decision to select the building. "Properties downtown are a lot cheaper than on the Berkeley (Boulevard) end."

Current patrons need not worry about being lost in the move, however, as Mrs. Grant said the credit union won't make its move until the long Columbus Day federal holiday just before the Oct. 11 reopening.

"We're going to be running full force here through (Oct. 7)," she said, adding she was hopeful the contractor's prediction that he would hand the key to the new building over to her on Oct. 1, her birthday.

The credit union hopes to host an open house on Oct. 20, which Mrs. Grant said is International Credit Union Day, complete with fanfare and a ribbon cutting.