09/18/11 — Schools release 10-day numbers

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Schools release 10-day numbers

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on September 18, 2011 1:50 AM

Officials are still sifting through enrollment numbers to determine whether, or where, any staffing shifts might occur following the start of another school year.

Classes for most Wayne County Public Schools' students resumed on Aug. 24.

Since then, officials have had to contend with a hurricane, power outages and a holiday.

When the 10th day of school arrived, enrollment was up by 77 students over the same time last year.

The district had reported 18,296 students at the 31 schools on the first day. That number steadily climbed to 19,306 by this week. In 2010, the 10-day numbers were at 19,229.

"Despite having power outages and school closures caused by Hurricane Irene, as well as having the Labor Day holiday all within the first 10 days of school, the hard work and dedication of our administrators and teachers have helped our 31 schools get off to a very efficient start," said Dr. Steven Taylor, superintendent.

The 10th day of school was actually Sept. 9 for nearly all of the traditional schools. Northeast Elementary and Wayne Academy were the exception, because of power outages following the hurricane, prompting officials to cancel classes an additional day, making Tuesday those schools' 10th day. For non-traditional schools, Wayne Early/Middle College High School and Wayne School of Engineering, the 10th day was Aug. 19.

Dillard Middle and Goldsboro High, which started several days before the traditional school calendar, were also thrown off by a power outage. The 10th days for students at those schools were Sept. 7 and 8, respectively.

The first 10 days are traditionally used to determine the number of classes needed at each school. Teacher allotments are based on class sizes and school populations.

Ken Derksen, public information officer for the district, said the superintendent is still working on where any staffing changes will be made.

The transportation department is also affected by the initial enrollment calculations, as staff continue to work on parent requests for bus stop changes and adjust to other needs.

On average, enrollment at most of the public schools climbed by one to two dozen students from the first day to the 10th.

The district's larger populations remain its high schools. Charles B. Aycock rose from 1,107 to 1,143 over the 10-day period, but dropped from 2010, when there were 1,191 students enrolled.

Spring Creek High started out this year with 897 and now has an enrollment of 965, up from 941 the previous year.

Southern Wayne's enrollment is up a bit from last year. In 2010, enrollment went from 967 to 1,035 over the first 10 days. This year's tally went from 949 to 1,038.

Eastern Wayne also showed a steady transition, starting out with 1,024 and now having 1,072.

Norwayne Middle School is the largest middle school, with 1,099 students currently enrolled.

Marked increases were also seen at Dillard Middle, which started the year with 549 students registered and rose to 614.

One school actually dipped slightly. Fremont STARS Elementary had 268 students on the first day and by Day 10, had 266.