12/29/11 — Woman starts mission to help people in need

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Woman starts mission to help people in need

By Kelly Corbett
Published in News on December 29, 2011 1:46 PM

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A volunteer reads a thank-you note written by a family helped by IMPACT and the Bridge Church. The charitable organization helped 450 children and 50 senior citizens during the holidays.

A Wayne County woman has made it her mission to deliver necessities to the less fortunate residents of the county and is currently searching for a building to work out of in the city where those residents can come pick up items they need.

Collecting everything from diapers and food to toilet paper and soap, Becky Minchew has driven more than 3,000 miles in two months to deliver the needed items to children and families.

Mrs. Minchew started the International Missionaries Performing Acts of Christ Together in May and has been working with local families ever since.

"We're looking for a building to hand out clothing, food," she said.

She contacted Pastor Jimmy Bryant of Whitley Church in Princeton and The Bridge Church of Goldsboro for additional support.

The current theme for the two churches is "Giving Life by Giving Christ," Bryant said. That is also what the two are teaming up to do for the community with the help of church members and other volunteers.

The churches together have a total of about 1,265 members.

"When Rebecca met us, it was exactly where we wanted to go as a church," Bryant said. "We have taken the step to lead the way. She has found Whitley Church to be her home church."

The two want a building so they can be closer to the community, Bryant said.

He said the building just needs to be safe and in a decent location.

Bryant said Mrs. Minchew's mission is one of many missions and ministries the churches are involved with.

The pair have also met with Mayor Al King about their work and about trying to get a building. They also spoke to the public at the Goldsboro City Council meeting on Dec. 5.

"It's nice to know that the higher-ups back up what you're doing," she said.

Bryant said he knows other churches are also working with the less fortunate in a variety of ways.

"We just want to help the fight more than anything else," he said.

For the holidays, the churches filled a 20-foot trailer full of toys and gave out about 650 gifts to children, seniors and families.

Before Christmas, Mrs. Minchew expressed concern that some children would still not have Christmas, despite the donation.

She also asked the children what they wanted if they could wish for anything. Most of the children wished for necessity items like soap and toilet paper, she said.

"They just wanted anything we take for granted," Mrs. Minchew said.

She said there are 13 separate areas in Wayne County to reach out to, but she has only been able to reach out to five so far.

Lincoln Homes of Slaughter Street is her "home base," she said.

"I go there religiously," she said. "Almost every day."

Donations largely come from Butch and Ann Huffman of the North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, the Harvest Connection Disaster Relief Ministry of Kinston and the Minchews' own pockets.

Any contributions are welcome.

"And if there's that one person out there that wants to donate us a building, that would be a blessing," Mrs. Minchew said. "I'm just grateful for whatever we can get."

The holidays are often a time of giving.

"People in Wayne County are good folks," Bryant said. "Right now, people are thinking about giving. Just don't stop now, cause there's 11 other months involved. People suffer year-round."

To volunteer, donate or for more information, contact the church office at 735-5411.