04/15/12 — MOC students, alumni enjoy Springfest event together

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MOC students, alumni enjoy Springfest event together

By Kelly Corbett
Published in News on April 15, 2012 1:50 AM

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Kimberly Martin enjoys a piece of fried dough during Mount Olive College's Springfest on Saturday.

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Mount Olive College junior Meghan Thompson reaches out to grab the hand of fellow junior Steven Astor while they take a ride on the musical swings during Mount Olive College's Springfest.

Margie Caldwell leaned on her daughter, Shaylyn, while she kicked off her shoes to try the dry surf sensation challenge on Saturday afternoon at Mount Olive College.

Shaylyn, a freshman majoring in criminal justice, was only able to stay on the surfboard for a few seconds before being tossed onto the surrounding bouncy.

Her mother faced the fate as well, admitting her defeat after an impressive effort that saw her fall after only a few beats standing on the board in a surfer's stance, arms outspread, ready to catch the imaginary waves.

"That's a total wipeout," she said. "You only live once. We're all here to have fun."

The family from Emerald Isle, along with other students and alumni were at the college's first Springfest for carnival rides and fun.

Many alumni were drawn outside to Springfest after attending the annual student art show.

Christy and Andy Sullivan, both former art graduates of the college, brought their two girls to the carnival to enjoy the festivities.

Mrs. Sullivan, currently a stay-at-home mom, graduated from the college in 2004, and said they come to the art show every year.

Kimberly Martin also brought her family to the carnival. She shared powdered funnel cakes with her husband and two sons in between rides and games.

Mrs. Martin, who now lives in Raleigh, graduated from the college in 1996 and said she has not been to an alumni celebration in six years.

She said there are a lot of new and renamed buildings on campus now, compared to when she was a student at the college.

Her 6-year-old son, Billy Johnson, said the swings were his favorite ride, but he was eager to try out the other festival activities.

"The rides are fun," he said. "I'm not gonna ride that (the Roll-O-Flame), but I want to go surfing."

The two boys battled each other with their blow-up hammers, prizes they received from the sledge hammer game.

"I didn't get it very far," Billy said.

Several student athletes came out to the grassy area beside the Pope Wellness Center to try their luck at the carnival games and to enjoy the rides, and for some friendly competition.

Freshman Darian Dobbs, part of the college's track and field team, said it was "the most excitement we've had in a long time," and was excited that the event was free.

She said she managed to stay on the surf sensation surfboard for about 10 seconds, outlasting many of the other surfers.

Senior Craig Hayes headed out to Springfest after basketball tryouts, where he played his position of guard and forward against 20 recruits.

"I've been here for five years," he said. "I haven't seen them do something like this before."

Hayes stood in line for the sledge hammer challenge, but said he was planning on heading over to the Roll-O-Flame, a ride that took two small metal planes through the sky turning the passengers upside down in midair.

"A lot of my teammates said it's fun," Hayes said. "I like the thrill."