05/09/12 — House race unofficial because of challenge

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House race unofficial because of challenge

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on May 9, 2012 1:46 PM

Anyone looking to follow the state Senate District 5 race on the county or state Board of Elections' websites was likely surprised Tuesday to find it unlisted. After all, even though Tony Moore had been declared ineligible to run for the office by the state Board of Elections, he was still on the primary ballot Tuesday.

Declared ineligible on April 27, Moore filed an appeal with the state Court of Appeals on May 7 -- three days after receiving the written decision from election officials.

However, because he was still officially ineligible, his race against Don Davis was not considered to be an official contest.

"We were told the results would not be posted because it is a non-race," Wayne County Board of Elections Director Vickie Reed said. "At this point in time, Don Davis has won the nomination to go to the November ballot."

She said that if the appeals court decides that Moore should have been eligible to run, then the state Board of Elections will have to decide how to handle that situation, but that the results from Tuesday's election would still exist, just not posted until such a time.

"It's not like the ballots are going away," she said.