05/13/12 — Goldsboro to get new flashing yellow lights

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Goldsboro to get new flashing yellow lights

By From staff reports
Published in News on May 13, 2012 1:50 AM

A new style flashing yellow arrow signal, at least for the Goldsboro area, will be installed later this summer on Berkeley Boulevard for northbound traffic turning left into Berkeley Mall, and for southbound traffic turning left onto Graves Drive.

Other locations in the city could be considered in the future for the flashing yellow arrows.

One of the lights already is in place on U.S. 70 at Claridge Nursery Road and is specifically for traffic wanting to make a U-turn on U.S. 70 to travel eastbound.

This new style of signal is designed to make it easier for drivers to know what to do when making a left or U-turn.

Flashing yellow arrow signals vary slightly from the typical green arrow and green circular light, which indicate protected and permitted left turns respectively. When the flashing yellow arrow is displayed, left turns are permitted, meaning drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before turning.

The state Department of Transportation has installed more than 575 of these types of signals across the state since 2005. Studies at 39 sites where the new left turn signals have been installed show that there has been a 37 percent decrease in accidents involving left turns at these sites.

When approaching a flashing yellow arrow:

* Proceed with caution

* If there is oncoming traffic and pedestrians, stop at the light

* If there is no oncoming traffic or pedestrians, navigate your left turn

The DOT first installed this type of signal in February 2005 at the employee/visitor entrance to Wake Med Hospital in Raleigh. It was part of a national study sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration to improve driver understanding of left-turn traffic signal displays and to reduce accidents at intersections that have signals.

Drivers are encouraged to comment on the new style left-turn traffic signals by contacting engineer Greg A. Fuller at 661-5800 or gfuller@ncdot.gov.