05/20/12 — Cards carry wishes and prayers

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Cards carry wishes and prayers

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on May 20, 2012 1:50 AM

(The News-Argus gave attendees at the Relay for Life a chance to write a note to a loved one and place it in a "Wishing Well," Here are some of the messages.)

Larry Hartley -- We love and miss you!

Love, Amy and Daniel.

Brenda Hight: In memory. Always and forever in our heart. Frank and Virginia

Prayer and wish for Earl Darden

Donald: I hope I told you that I love you and that you took that thought with you to Heaven. I know you're in a better place because you earned your place in Heaven while living your life for God. Debbie

Larry Hartley: You put up a great fight but God put you in his hands to take you away from all your pain and suffering. We miss you and love you every day. Amanda and Jayden Hartley.

To Virginia Bunn: God is always by your side! Fight Strong.

To my loving grandma Virginia Bunn for fighting cancer! Love, Harley West.

Rosewood lost the Gentle Giant when we lost Donald Neal. He will be missed! We love you Donald.

Praying for my dear friend Ms. Martha Brown! We are fighters of breast cancer 'til the end! Love you, Leia Scotes

To anyone that has been touched by cancer, keep the faith and we will win! Cheryl T.

In memory of Marlene and Nick Nichols. We lost both to cancer in 2011. Allen, Debbie and Chris Nichols.

Donnie, I can't imagine what you are going through, but I want you to know that you are in my prayers. You are very special! Thanks for being my friend and fishing buddy. May God bless you in a very special way. A friend, Rodney Kearney.

In memory of Evan Houge and Bob Bethel.

Mssing you Mom and Dad! Love, Tony and family.

In honor of Richard Baerger.

Missing you so much Terri, and, God, please touch my wife as she fights cancer.

Marile: I walk in honor of you. I love you! Kim

We love you Mama. Keep up the fight. Love, Lisa, Jessica and Amber.

I love you, Mema. We want you to keep fighting. Love, Matthew

Cancer is strong, but family is stronger. Brandon Pate

My mom kicks cancer's butt one day at a time. Love, Jenny.

Kathleen Denton: We love you.

Dad, I think about you every day. I miss you and I love you. Love, Missy H.

Mom: I miss you. It is hard to believe it's been 26 years since you've been gone. Miss and love you.

We love you and miss you Greg Saylor. From your family.

In memory of Dorothy Simms.

In memory of Lilian Lansley. I love you and miss you a lot. By Hampton Lere.

Honor my mom, Juanita Smith. I love you mom. Keep it going. I'm proud of you. Love all the family: Sharon W., Melba, Deb, little Sharon.

We pray that God continues to give you the strength you need to keep fighting! We love you and are cheering you on! Love, Madison

My wish is for my long-time friend not to suffer as she is losing her battle with cancer.

Nathan: Miss you and love you -- until we meet again. I love you! 61 wonderful years with you. Dot

To my loving grandmother I love a whole lot and who loves me! She is the best she can be. I love her so much! Britney

To my loving mother, Virginia Bunn. Keep fighting and never lose hope. Love you, Your daughter Crystal West.

We are praying for our friend and former neighbor who has been diagnosed with cancer. We know God is a healer. Priscilla

You go Uncle Pigford. Beat that cancer. We love you.

I pray every night for my cousin Cindy Benton, that she will soon feel better so we can spend time with my sisters and my sister-cousin, Teresa, and her sister, Pat. God bless you Cindy. I love you. Judy Britt

Ginny Davis

In loving memory of Annie Darden, Hattie William, Louise Darden, Bertha Bennette, Mittie Drden, Brenda Daniel. Trayvion and Vivian.

We love and miss you Yavonne Brogden and Teresa Keller. You're the best grandmas ever. Emily

For my mom. Love you with all my heart. Teresa.

Prayer for my son, Gabriel Jr. Herrera. May he rest in peace. Love you, Your Dad.

Jerry Mitchell: We love you! William and Lynn

Always depend and lean on the Lord. His mercies endureth forever. God will never leave you. So, always remember that you are never alone. Eloise Davis

James: May God keep you in his grace. We miss you!

Marshell Becton, cancer survivor.

Carolyn Johnson, cancer survivor

Daddy: We miss you! Love, Dianne and Marilyn

Mom: We are all so thankful for you every day. We are blessed!

Glenda Potts for her strength, her courage and the wonderful example she has been and is for all of us.

In memory of my daddy, Durwood Holmes. I love and miss you. Alison

Elton Aycock: We wish you health and peace as you tackle the challenges.

I miss helping you, Daddy! I love you, Daniel

Hi Aunt Teri we all miss you. We hope you are having fun in Heaven. We all miss you and hope to see you when we die. We love you!! Brandon

Wish and prayer for Edward and Henry Darden. Also, my friend Ray. Margaret Elliott

Uncle Nathan: We miss you and love you! Tell Moma Howell and Daddy Howell hello. Keep an eye on Daddy, too. Dianne and Marilyn

I am a survivor. Seven years cured. Thank you Lord! Mary Roberts

This is a prayer for a dear friend Louise Rowe. Hope each day is filled with one more blessing. Love, Amanda

I pray for complete healing for Beth Dawley. Praise God for him healing my Zoe.

In honor of my best friend Debbie Smith. A survivor of multiple myeloma. I love you, Alison

-- Thank you to all those who shared their wishes with us Friday night.