05/31/12 — Sonny the Pickle Pup memorialized

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Sonny the Pickle Pup memorialized

By Kelly Corbett
Published in News on May 31, 2012 1:46 PM

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Sonny, the 3-and-one-half-year-old poodle who charmed N.C. Pickle Festival goers with his Ollie Q. Cumber looks, has died after a sudden illness.

MOUNT OLIVE -- The pickle pup with the big personality, who was dyed and groomed to resemble Mt. Olive Pickle Co. mascot Ollie Q. Cumber for the North Carolina Pickle Festival in April, died during the night Tuesday at Warsaw Animal Hospital.

Sonny, the 3-and-a-half-year-old poodle, was sick over the weekend, said Charlene Lognion, Sonny's owner and owner of Shear Magic Grooming.

"He wasn't acting himself at all Sunday," she said.

He would not eat at all on Saturday, and he would not even chase after the cat, Mrs. Lognion said.

Then, on Monday, the 60-pound canine was in even worse shape.

When Mrs. Lognion brought Sonny to the vet Tuesday, they tried to figure out what was wrong before scheduling his surgery Wednesday afternoon.

By the time the veterinarian came to the office on Wednesday morning, Sonny had died.

An autopsy showed that his liver was not functioning, and the veterinarian sent out samples from his liver and kidneys to determine the cause of his death.

Mrs. Lognion said she is now going to get her other nine dogs checked to make sure they are not infected with the same toxin.

She said she is planning on cremating Sonny, whom she raised from a puppy.

The friendly, outgoing pup was a popular attraction at the festival, posing for pictures with patrons young and old and enjoying the pats, hugs and attention that went along with his celebrity status.

"I'm glad everyone got to enjoy him," Mrs. Lognion said. "I'm glad he got to have that experience."