06/28/12 — Students earn $15.5 million in scholarships

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Students earn $15.5 million in scholarships

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on June 28, 2012 1:46 PM

More than $15.5 million in renewable financial aid will assist recent high school graduates from Wayne County Public Schools heading off to college in the fall.

School officials tallied the latest round of scholarships and supplemental funding awarded to the Class of 2012.

Students from the district's eight high schools earned more than $5.1 million one-time and annual grants, scholarships and work study aid, while the amount of renewable aid exceeded $15.5 million to attend colleges and universities across the state and nation.

While the recently minted graduating class worked diligently to earn diplomas, counselors and parents also applied their efforts to acquire money to ensure the students could obtain a postsecondary education, officials said.

Dr. Steven Taylor, schools superintendent, extended congratulations to the latest graduating class as well as educators who worked "tirelessly" to provide an education that prepares students for their future endeavors -- be it in college, the military or the workforce.

Following is a breakdown of the individual schools' financial aid received this year.

Charles B. Aycock High School, which had the highest number of graduates, with 242, also topped the list of financial awards. A total of $1.2 million in scholarships and grants was distributed, with $4.5 million in renewable aid.

Rosewood High, which had 115 graduates, received $2.4 million in renewable aid and $724,030 in scholarships.

Wayne School of Engineering, while on the lower end of diploma recipients, with 76, was high on the list of one-time aid, at $884,442. Renewable aid totaled $2.3 million.

Eastern Wayne High's 240 graduates were recipients of $1.7 million in renewable aid and $707,140 in scholarships.

Wayne Early/Middle College High School, which had the fewest number of students graduating this year, 60, held its own in the financial aid department. An estimated $454,016 in scholarships and work study aid was awarded, with $565,186 in renewable funds.

Spring Creek High School, which graduated 121 students, received $1.6 million in renewable aid and $414,464 in one-time awards.

Southern Wayne High's 230 graduates divided up $332,116 in one-time aid and $1.2 million in renewable aid.

Goldsboro High's 100 graduates received $1.3 million in renewable financial aid and $408,968 in one-time grants and scholarships.