07/08/12 — Couple will share their journey from divorce

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Couple will share their journey from divorce

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on July 8, 2012 1:50 AM

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Scott and Sherry Jennings

Sherry Jennings fought hard for her marriage, until she reached a breaking point.

Her husband, Scott's adulterous affair and continued alcohol abuse was not stopping.

So she asked him to move out.

Jennings rebelled. He moved in with the other woman and the drinking continued.

The consequences were simple. Sherry reluctantly filed for a divorce, which became final on Sept. 21, 2005 -- their 14th wedding anniversary.

Their story does not end there, though.

Sherry continued praying for what seemed impossible at the time -- a reconciliation.

The Jennings, who shared a son, Steven, now a 17-year-old senior in high school, attended a FamilyLife marriage conference together.

It was there that Sherry says she learned that the problems in their relationshp were not one-sided.

"I realized that both of us had contributed to it," she said.

The couple gradually worked their way toward restoring trust.

In 2007, nearly a year and a half after the divorce, they remarried.

And now their story is the catalyst for helping others -- in ministry and in their careers.

Scott serves as pastor of marriage and family life at The Bridge Church, while Sherry is event services coordinator at Mount Olive College. Together they counsel couples, work with groups and lead workshops like the one that redeemed their own marriage.

They work with churches in the eastern part of the state to establish marriage ministries.

They also volunteer with FamilyLife ministry, where their title is "home builder catalyst."

This week, their story will be featured on a three-day broadcast of the FamilyLife Today radio show.

The interview does not reflect an ideal scenario, Sherry admits, but fortunately for them the outcome was a positive one.

"Because so often in this culture, people think that the minute something goes wrong, there's no help," she said. "But I know that with God's help, you can overcome anything."

The Jennings now have been married "20-plus years" give or take, "because even when we were separated we were still married."

Not everyone is so fortunate, she says. But that doesn't mean their message can't encourage and spark a ray of hope.

It definitely was not something Mrs. Jennings would have envisioned happening when she was going through her own pit of despair.

So when she was notified about the upcoming broadcast and had a chance to hear the interview again, it evoked a few emotions.

"I was crying because all I could think of was seven years ago, I'm riding along in my car and listening to FamilyLife program after program, keeping hope for your marriage when I'm in the most desperate place in mine," she said. "That's what gave me hope.

"And now through the grace of God, I get to be on that program. I can't believe that we get to do what we do, that God doesn't need us but He wants us."

The interview will air Monday through Wednesday. Locally, the program can be found on 92.3 FM at 2 p.m. and 103.7 FM at 7 p.m.