07/31/12 — Pikeville's new Walmart could face slight delay

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Pikeville's new Walmart could face slight delay

By Aaron Moore
Published in News on July 31, 2012 1:46 PM

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The Walmart Express in Snow Hill is a smaller version of the traditional supercenter, limited mainly to grocery aisles. The store includes a pharmacy, a place to buy propane and a Redbox for movie rentals. Unlike the upcoming Walmart Express in Pikeville, the Snow Hill store does not have a fueling station.

PIKEVILLE -- Plans for Pikeville's new Walmart Express are still under way, but officials have run into some unexpected delays, Town Administrator Kathie Fields said.

She said the store plans to hold its grand opening in January, but is still awaiting permits as it works to meet the state's construction requirements.

"It is still coming, but it has been delayed some," Mrs. Fields said. "There are a lot of requirements."

She said the water lines and surrounding area are now being inspected by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources before they issue permits.

The Walmart Express will be a smaller version of a traditional Walmart -- essentially a grocery store with a pharmacy and fueling station.

Walmart opened a similar Express store in Snow Hill in October, which residents said they are enjoying for its convenience.

"I love this little store," said shopper Sandra Ormond as she left the store last week. "There's so many things you can just run in, get and run out. You will love it."

The Express store in Snow Hill does not have a fueling station, but resembles a traditional Walmart scaled down to the grocery aisles.

The store also has a Blue Rhino propane center, an ATM, a Redbox and a place to buy charcoal, water, fruit and soda outside the front doors.

Not all Walmart Express stores have pharmacies and fueling stations, but Mrs. Fields said Pikeville's will.

"I think this is a great thing," she said. "I think this is a growing opportunity for the town of Pikeville."