08/07/12 — Company films new Air Force commercial

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Company films new Air Force commercial

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on August 7, 2012 1:46 PM

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Capt. Cynthia Nogueras goes through her final flight preparations while being filmed by Trevor Fife of Digital Kitchen Production Co. for a national Air Force commercial. The film crew is spending Monday and Tuesday at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base filming the spot.

The formula seemed a bit off.

Professionally styled hair.


And fighter jets?

But Capt. Cynthia Nogueras played along.

She has, after all, gotten used to representing her country from the cockpit of an F-15E Strike Eagle.

So when she was nominated -- and selected -- to be the lone 4th Fighter Wing airman filmed for inclusion in the national Air Force commercial being shot this week at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, she said OK.

And Monday, each time she was given her cue by a member of the Digital Kitchen Production Co. crew, she delivered -- even if, on several occasions, she was asked to do so over and over again.

Like when, just before she climbed into her aircraft in advance of a routine sortie, she and her weapon systems officer were told they weren't stepping to the jet quite right.

"Try not to smile as much," said Trevor Fife, the man with the camera. "Let's do it again."

Nogueras tried to oblige, but, again, looked too happy.

"A little bit more serious," Fife said. "More formal."

And when, on her third attempt, she successfully lost the smile -- when Fife said "OK. Good." -- her performance still fell short.

"One last time," he said. "Here we go."

In the end, those charged with facilitating the creation of the finished product -- one that is set to begin airing nationally in October -- were satisfied.

"We wanted a fighter pilot, so we came where the jets were," said Christa D'Andrea, the chief of public affairs for the Air Force Recruiting Service. "And she's doing a great job."

Once filming is completed this afternoon, the behind-the-scenes work it will take to make the Air Force's "What I want to be" commercial will begin.

And it seemed clear Monday that Nogueras made the right career choice -- that a life in the skies comes with a bit less hassle than one on set.