09/09/12 — Two shot, killed in Goldsboro

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Two shot, killed in Goldsboro

By John Joyce
Published in News on September 9, 2012 1:50 AM

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Neighbors watch as Goldsboro police guard the perimeter of the scene of two fatal shootings late Friday on Devereaux Street. Authorities are looking for Angelo Mandril Burden, saying he is a suspect.

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Angelo Mandril Burden

Goldsboro police were searching Saturday night for a suspect in the shooting deaths of two men Friday night on Devereaux Street.

Angelo Mandril Burden, 38, of 1307 E. Walnut St., is being sought in connection with the death of Donald Lee Mewborn, 47, of 902 Newsome St. and Gary Devon Buckom, 50, of 903 Marvin St.

Mewborn's body was found in the front yard of 1013 Devereaux St., near its intersection with Wayne Avenue. Buckom's body was found in the backyard of a home at 1010 Devereaux St.

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning, small groups of people gathered near the scene, which was cordoned off by yellow caution tape.

Many were concerned over the identifies of the two dead men. Police did not immediately identify them and some people feared that a family member or friend was one of the victims.

"Lord Jesus, oh God," cried a woman from the side of the house. Over and over, louder and louder, she wailed until friends and family calmed her down.

"That's my ... cousin laying back there, what y'all gonna do about that?" a man shouted at police.

Burden is described as being 38 years old, 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing about 260 pounds.

Early Saturday, in the street between the shooting scenes, a white Lincoln sat with its engine running and its windows down. The thump of music emanating from the car filled the darkness as neighbors watched and waited while officers went about the job of looking for evidence.

"I swear to God it's gonna turn into Watts around here if this ... don't change," a man shouted.

An elderly woman approached the crime scene tape as if she might simply drift through it.

"Is that where it is?" she asked, her voice strained. "Is that where .... I'm just trying to find. ..."

"You can't go down there, Sugar," an officer helping secure the perimeter said softly. "It's right there, way down that way, but you can't go down there now, Sugar. It's gonna be a while."

Goldsboro police Chief Jeff Stewart, who was standing between the houses where the shootings took place, said investigators would take their time in processing the scene to ensure no details were overlooked.

"We've got to make sure we do this right," he said.

It was well past 3 a.m. when the bodies were taken away for autopsies by the state medical examiner's in Chapel Hill.

Investigators are urging anyone with information about the shootings, or the whereabouts of Burden, to call Goldsboro police at 919-580-4212 or to contact Crime Stoppers at 919- 735-2255. The identity of callers will not be revealed, Stewart emphasized.

"This is sick. It has to stop," said one bystander. "In the last six months, that's four dead and one attempted murder, all right here on Wayne (Avenue)."