10/05/12 — Fair recycling contest allows entries to get creative

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Fair recycling contest allows entries to get creative

By Steve Herring
Published in News on October 5, 2012 1:46 PM

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Christopher Finch took first place in the fair recycling contest.

DUDLEY -- If fairgoers think they have seen the pink little pig and her cute two little piglets before, they may be right. But they might find it hard to believe that was when the pigs were still just plain plastic bottles.

The pigs are among the approximately 30 entries in The Recycled Fair competition at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair. The purpose is to use recycled materials to create entries that resemble something from the fair, for example, animals, rides, or foods.

"We started something like 10 years ago," said Ann Finch, who along with Wallace Simmons, is a project director for the competition. "It has been growing steadily. It started off in the other building. We had a little booth and it was a 4-H project originally.

"It was started by a 4-H Club. They had a recycle project that they needed to do, and this is what they came up with. It has to be 80 percent recycles material. Apart from it being fun and creative, the children love it. It gives them an idea of what can be recycled -- what is recyclable material. It draws attention to the problem that we have with people throwing things away."

The contest was open to area youths, and entries are judged on creativity, originality, attractiveness and relation to theme.

The nearly 30 entries included pigs, a cow, a turkey, carousel with a top made from a broken umbrella and even a doll sitting at a piano and stage made of cardboard and representing the fair's talent show.

"It has to represent the fair," Mrs. Finch said. "It can be stuff they brought from home. Instead of throwing it away they have made it into a creative item that represents the fair. It could be an animal. It could be a ride. It could be food. It is very creative. It is great for children."

Both Mrs. Finch and her son, Christopher, 15, who has several blue ribbons and a best of show in the event, have been with the project from the beginning.

Most of the entries this year were animals.

That, Christopher said, helped him to decide to do something different. He recreated his favorite rides including the Ring of Fire, Freakout, Zero Gravity, the swings, Pharaoh's Fury and a Ferris wheel. The entry won him best of show.

The winners were:

* Ages 5-8: Guillermo Estrada, first place; Eli Winder, Pikeville, second; and Mary Grace Outlaw, Dudley, third

* Ages 9-11: Monica Cox, Mount Olive, first; Kennedy Carter, Goldsboro, second; Caylum Sauls, Dudley, third

* Ages 12-18: Anna Wisniewski, Goldsboro, first; Grace McDowell, Goldsboro, second; Lee, Mount Olive, third.

First-place winners received $10; second place, $6; and third place $5.

Christopher said he had been surprised when he won best of show and the $20 premium. The money will be recycled as well.

"I might buy a wrist band for the rides," he said.