11/07/12 — Jimmy Dixon keeps seat in N.C. Legislature

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Jimmy Dixon keeps seat in N.C. Legislature

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on November 7, 2012 1:46 PM

Winning handily over his two challengers, state Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, is preparing today for his second term in Raleigh.

Dixon, who beat Democrat Rebecca Judge of Duplin County and Libertarian Kevin Hayes of Mount Olive in the District 4 race, said he is excited about the opportunity to head back to Raleigh -- not only with a Republican majority in the General Assembly, but also a Republican in the governor's office.

"I really am. I think that as a Republican majority (last term), we set a new course budget- wise, and I think we've got an opportunity now to really get our fiscal house back in order," Dixon said.

Dixon, who was the incumbent in this race after defeating fellow state Rep. Efton Sager, R-Wayne, in the May primary, said he believes his victory was aided by the fact that it is a "decent district," but that his message resonated with voters.

"I think I'm part of a new direction," he said, referencing not only the state results, but the Republican takeover of the Wayne County Board of Commissioners. "The people have responded to the message of the Republican Party. Now we have to perform."

But, said Hayes, Dixon's message wasn't the only one resonating. Even though he finished with only about 3 percent of the vote, he was pleased with how things went.

"I congratulate Rep. Dixon," he said. "My thought was that the best man won. The people spoke. Realistically, as a third-party candidate, I expected 3 to 5 percent, so I was right where I was expecting. I was able to get some of my issues out there, and I look forward to working with Rep. Dixon and the others on those.

"This will likely not be my only time running."

The real story, though, he said, is that the election was a foregone conclusion at its beginning -- the result of the recent redistricting efforts.

"I think the district was drawn to help the Republicans, which it was under the Democrats, too, but it shows the need for a non-partisan redistricting commission," Hayes said.

Ms. Judge declined to comment.

Dixon won 12,305 votes in Wayne (66.58 percent) and 7,989 votes in Duplin (62.70 percent) for a total of 20,294 votes (65 percent).

Ms. Judge won 5,539 votes in Wayne (29.97 percent) and 4,342 votes in Duplin (34.08 percent) for a total of 9,881 votes (31.65 percent).

Hayes won 637 votes in Wayne (3.45 percent) and 411 votes in Duplin (3.23 percent) for a total of 1,048 votes (3.36 percent).