12/12/12 — Police officer shoots, kills dog

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Police officer shoots, kills dog

By John Joyce
Published in News on December 12, 2012 1:46 PM

A Goldsboro police officer was forced to shoot a charging pit bull in defense of another officer on Nov. 30 at 209 E. Elm St. The dog died shortly after being hit once in the mid-section.

A report was released Monday detailing how the incident unfolded and why the officer felt compelled to take the action he did.

"The dog's owner, understandably upset, has been looking for answers," said Major Mike West, commander of the Goldsboro Police Department traffic division.

The owner of the animal was identified as Ernest J. Boney Jr., the listed resident at the address where the dog was killed.

Animal control had been called out to the location and told the owner to secure the dog, West said, but for some reason the dog was still loose.

After several complaints from neighbors who had been chased by the dog, police went out to the area again hoping to speak to Boney.

According to the report, patrol officers Andrew Cox and R.D. Garrett responded to a dog bite call at 209 E. Elm St., just before 5 p.m.

The call was the third in little more than an hour, said West.

According to the report filed by Garrett, the dog was 5 feet away from Cox and charging when he fired his weapon.

The first time it advanced on him, Cox was able to scare the dog off by waiving his baton. He then went across the street to speak to the neighbors and try to find the dog's owner.

When he walked back across the street the dog came at him a second time and Garrett reacted to protect his fellow officer.

After being shot, the dog ran back up on the porch at 209 E. Elm St., where he died.

The shooting inspired a change of policy within the Goldsboro Police Department.

"Until recently we would have just filed a use of force report," West said.

Now, so that there can be documentation in the form of a public record, West said, investigation reports will be filed whenever such an incident occurs.

The owner of the dog has not filed a complaint.