12/12/12 — Woman hits parked car, victim finishes his lunch

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Woman hits parked car, victim finishes his lunch

By John Joyce
Published in News on December 12, 2012 1:46 PM

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Donna Reed, left, looks on as a wrecker crew works to pull her car from the bushes at the scene of an accident she caused Tuesday at the Cobblestone Plaza on Spence Avenue.

A vehicle jumped a curb on Spence Avenue Tuesday, crashing into a parked car and ending up with it's rear half suspended in the air over a large bush in front of the Cobblestone Plaza. The accident happened at about 1:30 p.m.

Officer J. Holland of the Goldsboro Police Department's specialized traffic enforcement unit said the driver, Donna Reed, 52, 201 D. Nancy Drive, was cited for failure to maintain lane control.

Ms. Reed lost control of her yellow Dodge Neon and drove up the curb, over the bush and crashed the front end of her car into a vehicle parked in the strip mall's parking lot.

Inside La Paz, a Mexican restaurant located at Cobblestone Plaza, Raymond Walters of 1059 Rosewood Road, was having lunch when a waitress told him one car just landed on top of another right out front.

"She said it was white," Walters said. "My car is white," he recalled saying.

Walters stepped outside and saw the suspended Neon nearly on top of his Chevrolet Cavalier.

It did not seem as though he was too put out by the event, however.

"I went back and finished my lunch," Walters said.

He remained light-hearted even as the wrecker crew arrived.

"This is my dessert," he said, offering portions of his tangerine to everybody at the scene.

Officer Holland said speed was not a factor in the wreck and that there were no injuries.

Passers-by slowed to take in the unusual scene of a bright yellow car half up a tree, especially those who noticed the car's vanity plates, "Tweety17."