04/12/13 — Assistant city manager says she's leaving

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Assistant city manager says she's leaving

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on April 12, 2013 1:46 PM

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Tasha Logan

Assistant City Manager Tasha Logan is preparing to leave her post to take one in Rocky Mount, but she credits Goldsboro for fostering her love of local government, she said Thursday.

Ms. Logan, who has worked for the city since 2004 and as assistant city manager since 2005, first experienced Goldsboro in 1997 and 1998 as a summer intern. Working with former city manager Richard Slozak, she answered the phones and helped the city clerks put the agendas together, falling in love with how local government works in the process.

"After that first summer, that just kind of closed it for me," she said. "The Goldsboro community has been very welcoming to me. I credit the city for helping to make my decision to be in local government.

"It's not always easy, but I can really say I've enjoyed my time here. It never felt like I was coming to a job."

And one of the best parts, she said, has been the people and the support of the community.

"They will call and tell you when they do like something, and they will call and tell you when they don't like something," Ms. Logan said.

She also said she's proud of what she's been able to help Goldsboro accomplish during her time here, pointing to projects like the City Hall renovation and Streetscape, as well as programs like the new Goldsboro Partners Against Crime.

"Goldsboro is a small town and a small community, but I don't think we have a small town mentality. We see ourselves as a great city," she said.

Now, though, Ms. Logan, 35, will be moving to Rocky Mount where she will take over as that city's new assistant city manager.

It is, she explained, a city that in some ways is very similar to Goldsboro, particularly in its emphasis on its downtown, and in some ways very different, particularly in that it runs its own gas and electric utilities.

"It's a bit bigger municipality," Ms. Logan said. "There are some opportunities there, some challenges, too. I will miss Goldsboro, but it's a logical step in my career."

But, City Manager Scott Stevens said, she will be missed.

"I hate to see her go. Tasha's been a real asset to Goldsboro. She's very well thought of here and across the state. Having her here was a huge help to me," he said. "But I'm excited for her, too. I think it's a good opportunity for her.

In terms of filling her position, he said that it will likely be several months, and that between a new director of public works coming on board on April 30 and this opening, it might be a good opportunity to see if there is any need for restructuring among the city's leadership. However, he did say that he anticipates filling the position in some fashion.

The new public works director is Jose Martinez III, currently a strategic planner and civil engineer for Science Applications International Corp. in San Antonio, Texas.

He is a graduate of N.C. State University with bachelor's degrees in construction engineering and management and in environmental engineering and master's degrees in civil engineering and biological and agricultural engineering.

He also has previously worked in North Carolina as a utilities engineer in Morrisville and as a detachment commander (second lieutenant) in the N.C. National Guard.

What impressed city officials the most, though, Stevens said, was Martinez's level of interest and desire for the job.

"He put a lot of time and effort into researching Goldsboro," Stevens said. "That was certainly a factor, to see someone with that level of interest in the community."

Stevens also praised Martinez's communication abilities, noting the importance of having somebody in that position who can work well not only with other city officials, but also residents.

Martinez is replacing Neil Bartlett who had retired in December, but who stayed on in an interim position until March 28. Bartlett had been with the city since 1978.