07/14/13 — Airman jailed in court martial

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Airman jailed in court martial

By Matthew

Published in News on July 14, 2013 1:50 AM


After finding Seymour Johnson Air Force Base's Floyd M. Jeter guilty on four of the five charges presented at his court martial last week, the military panel also returned Thursday with his sentence.

Jeter, formerly a technical sergeant, was reduced to the grade of E-1 (airman basic), forced to forfeit all pay and allowances, sentenced to eight years of confinement and given a dishonorable discharge.

He was found guilty on charges of making false official statements, obstructing justice, destroying or damaging non-military property, and two specifications of rape -- one using force and one causing grievous bodily harm. He was found not guilty on the charge of assault consummated by battery and the specification of kidnapping.

Cases of sexual assault in the military have come under scrutiny across the nation after several recent high profile cases and a recent study show such allegations on the rise.

For 4th Fighter Wing commander Col. Jeannie Leavitt, the result of Jeter's court martial was proof that the system in place to deal with such incidents is working properly.

"The Air Force has zero tolerance for sexual assault and treats all allegations of this matter seriously," said Leavitt said. "Sexual assault is a crime. It violates our Air Force core values and negatively impacts combat readiness. Airmen are expected to be professional and disciplined at all times. Airmen will be held accountable for their actions both on and off duty.

"The military court-martial system is the proper place to determine guilt or innocence for serious allegations. Tech. Sgt. Jeter had a fair trial in which he was found guilty and sentenced by a panel of officer and enlisted members."

For the victims, an ex-wife and a former girlfriend, with whom Jeter has a 17-month-old son, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, will continue to offer services.

"The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program serves as the single point of contact for integrating and coordinating sexual assault victim care services," said Nancy Pike, 4th Fighter Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. "We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The sexual assault response coordinator tracks the status of sexual assault cases and provides continuity of care for victims of sexual assault whether it be obtaining counseling, medical services, requesting a special victim counsel for victim or requesting an expedited transfer.

"We are with the victim to answer any questions they might have, to provide emotional support and to ensure they have the help they need."