07/17/13 — Fremont board meets, addresses Town Hall improvement

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Fremont board meets, addresses Town Hall improvement

By Matt Caulder
Published in News on July 17, 2013 1:46 PM

FREMONT -- Tuesday night at the Board of Alderman meeting, members approved a request to allocate approximately $810 for window tinting on the Town Hall to reduce the glare between the front desk and residents interacting with city employees due to a glass partition at the desk.

Lighting was installed on both sides of the glass to counteract the problem, but was ineffective.

"The lights helped on our side of the glass to see them on cloudy days and helped to see our screens, but it didn't help on their side," said Fremont Finance Officer Karen Peeden.

The terms of members of the town board of adjustments also were re-appointed as the board will meet for the first time in over two years and some terms have lapsed. Members of the board include Connie Price and Julian Nelms whose terms lapsed in January 2011, J.W. Sherill, whose term lapsed in January 2012 and Nona Fuller, whose term lapsed in January 2013.

The board approved a request for an Eagle Scout project from Jesse Knotts to make improvements to the landscaping at the Fremont Library. The board also donated $100 for weed killer for Jesse's project.

The Eagle Scout project is necessary for approval as an Eagle Scout, the highest rank for a Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. It is designed to round out a Scout with experience in leadership, public speaking and other skills.

The board reviewed a request to cut trees that a resident expressed concerns would fall on a power line on Charles Drive.

The board directed public works to get prices to cut the trees, as they are too large for Fremont to handle themselves, as well as to make a list of which trees in town would be a priority to clear away from power lines.

The question was raised that if the town cut one resident's trees how many more would want their trees cut.

"We cut their trees and the neighbor says what about my trees then the next door and the next door," said Alderman Leon Mooring.

The board discussed the increase in solid waste tipping fees from the county from $30 per ton to $31.50 per ton, citing the problems the increase demands in setting a balanced budget.

The board then directed Town Manager Kerry McDuffie to draft a letter to County Manager Lee Smith requesting the county inform the municipalities of changes to fees in the months before they approve their budgets.

The increase will cost the town approximately $1,200 a year.