08/12/13 — City approves architect for GATEWAY bus transfer station

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City approves architect for GATEWAY bus transfer station

By Matt Caulder
Published in News on August 12, 2013 1:46 PM

Approval was given by the Goldsboro City Council last week for the city to enter into a contract with an architect to oversee the design of the proposed GATEWAY Transfer Facility adjacent to Goldsboro Union Station on Carolina Street.

Funding for the design and a portion of the construction is coming from two Federal Transit Authority grants worth $1,335,660, with 10 percent matches from the city and state through the North Carolina Department of Transportation, in the amount of $166,958, bringing the total funds available to $1,669,576.

To complete construction of the project is expected to cost an additional $2.1 million, said Julie Metz, Downtown Goldsboro Development Corp. director.

The total cost of the facility was estimated at $3,288,867 without furnishings in 2011 and after 1.5 percent increase in 2012 and a 4 percent increase in 2013 for inflation the cost is estimated at $3,465,755.

The cost breaks down to $2,544,904 for the construction of the building and $920,851 for site work associated with the project.

The transfer facility project is included as part of the city's TIGER 2013 grant application for federal funding through the USDOT.

The city, through the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corp., applied for the 2013 TIGER grant funding to complete renovations to Union Station as well as to fund the construction of a GATEWAY transfer station next to the train station and complete two blocks of Streetscape.

The project is projected to cost $27 million, with a minimum local match of $5.4 million, which Goldsboro would be responsible for if the city is awarded a grant.

In the interim, until passenger rail comes back through Goldsboro, if ever, Union Station would serve as a meeting space for the town as well as for private rental.

Mrs. Metz said the project will be completed regardless of if the city is chosen for funding through the TIGER 2013 program.

She expects to hear the results of the TIGER 2013 grant application by the end of August.

The city will enter into a contract with David Gall who was hired in 2011 to develop the concept drawings for the facility.

Gall submitted a proposal for $258,722 which the city would pay a 10 percent match of $25,872.20.