09/19/13 — Women's group crochets lap robes for local vets

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Women's group crochets lap robes for local vets

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on September 19, 2013 1:46 PM

The military men and women at the North Carolina State Veterans Home in Kinston don't expect thanks for their service in all branches of the military and in several wars.

They were just doing their duty.

But when a group from the Peggy Seegars Senior Center in Goldsboro made lap robes for them, the veterans received them like they would a medal.

"The ladies who made this lap robe are wonderful," 83-year-old Charles Treble said when he got his. "It's very nice, and I will definitely use it. It will be especially good in the winter time."

Treble served 23 years in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and Korean Conflict.

Raymond Cherry couldn't believe the red, white and blue patriotic lap robe was for him.

"I will use it a lot," the 92-year-old said. "It gets real chilly in here sometimes."

Cherry served in the infantry with the 99th Division during World War II.

"It's nice here," he said of the veterans home. "We get plenty of food and a good place to sleep. You can't beat that in a poor man's country."

The veterans home's recreation services director Nikki Jenkins said the two boxes of lap robes the Goldsboro women made were a surprise.

"I think the lap robes are wonderful," she said. "I think the veterans feel the warmth and the love that comes from these lap robes. It makes them feel like somebody cares about them and is kind of holding them."

Ms. Jenkins said the veterans will use the lap robes every day, even when it's not winter. And the bright colors will also stimulate them.

Raymond Pearson took one look at his colorful lap robe and broke out in a grin from ear to ear. He couldn't believe that total strangers would do something like that for him and the other veterans.

"I think that's a real nice thing that the ladies did," the 86-year-old said. "I will use mine a lot. I sure will."

Pearson served in the Navy in World War II.

His daughter was visiting the day he got his lap robe.

"I think it's wonderful that they made them for the veterans," Becky Holmes said. "I think it's nice when people do something for somebody else and not because they're looking for any kind of recognition. It's out of their caring and kindness."

The lap robe project was the brainchild of Rosalind Berk. She and a group of women at the senior center made them.

"We wanted to thank the veterans in some small way," she said. "Especially when the weather gets cooler and they're sitting in their wheelchairs, the lap robes should be a comfort. And not only are they warm, but they are very colorful and that, too, is important to help brighten up their day. There's a thank you in every stitch of every lap robe."

Norma Teachey helped crochet the lap robes.

"The veterans have done so much for us and our country," the 73-year-old said. "There shouldn't be anything that they can't have. And it makes me feel good to know that they're warm because when you are the age I am -- and not even a veteran -- you get cold."

Freida Talton used red, white and blue yarn in a granny square pattern to make a lap robe.

"It makes me feel better because the veterans give so much to us," the 65-year-old crocheter said."It's just a small thing compared to what they've done. And I know I've done something to comfort them."

While she was crocheting a lap robe of variegated shades of brown and turquoise, 70-year-old Camille Denka wondered who was going to get it.

"But as long as they're happy with them, we don't care which veteran gets which lap robe," she said. "It makes me feel good because I know the lap robes are going to be appreciated."