10/31/13 — Judge orders civics lesson for juror

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Judge orders civics lesson for juror

By John Joyce
Published in News on October 31, 2013 1:46 PM

A Wayne County man is getting a lesson on the American justice system in Wayne County Superior Court this week.

Superior Court Judge John E. Nobles ordered Bryan Lane to sit through the remainder of the Antonio Seaberry murder trial after Lane was discharged from the jury pool.

While being questioned for possible jury duty, Lane professed to the court that he did not believe in the justice system. He said he had a nephew killed in Charlotte some years ago whose killer was never brought to justice, and had his own run-in with the law over a case of mistaken identity. He said the experiences had left him with no faith in the judicial system.

Nobles indicated he did not appreciate Lane's comments and that to give him a lesson in how the judicial system works, he would be required to sit through the proceedings. If Lane does not show up each day, Nobles said, he will be prosecuted for contempt of court.

"The judge asked if anyone would have a problem finding (Seaberry) guilty if the facts said that he was," Lane said.

"I stood up and said 'Yes, I would.'"

Lane said afterward that he does not know if he will be paid for his time, as jurors are.

If he is getting paid, he said, the taxpayers are footing the bill. If he is not getting paid, he said, he believes he is being treated unfairly.