11/11/13 — Wayne County schoolchildren will honor veterans

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Wayne County schoolchildren will honor veterans

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on November 11, 2013 1:46 PM

Even though Veterans Day is a school holiday, its message will still be part of the curriculum in Wayne County Public Schools throughout the coming week.

While the district's 31 schools and administrative offices are closed today, high school ROTC cadets and marching bands participated in the annual Veterans Day parade in downtown Goldsboro.

Officials in Wayne County Public Schools said that educators incorporate the meaning behind Veterans Day into the school day in a variety of ways.

"Every year, all of our schools hold classroom activities or events to help students understand the importance of honoring our veterans for their service," Superintendent Dr. Steven Taylor said. "Teachers and staff work to ensure students understand the various contributions our veterans have made, including those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation."

Some of the schools and their plans for including the message include:

* At Brogden Primary School, there will be classroom discussions about Veterans Day and some teachers are having their students write letters to send to troops who were deployed. There are also plans for a program, "Bring a Vet to School Day," which will include a reception for the special guests.

* Carver Elementary will participate in activities by grade level, such as writing thank you letters to those who served in the nation's military, reading books and learning more about what the holiday means.

* Charles B. Aycock High students will be participating in reading assignments and participating in class discussions. Music classes will be learning the song "Goin' Home" by Anton Dvorak.

* A Veterans Day tribute choral concert will be held at Eastern Wayne Elementary School on Thursday, Nov. 14, at 6 p.m.

* A large "Thank You, Veterans" banner will be on display at Edgewood Community Developmental School. Students there are also encouraged to invite a veteran to come and speak to their class or bring a photograph of a veteran. Each class will create its own "wall" to replicate the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. Students will create and decorate cards of appreciation to be sent to a VA hospital, and on Friday, students and staff will wear red, white and blue to school.

* Grantham School has several activities planned, including a serviceman speaking to kindergarten students, other students researching the war memorials of the world and creating their own version of a memorial for a hero, battle or war. A teacher at the school who is a veteran is also going to dress in uniform and share her experiences in active duty and the Air National Guard.

* Students at Meadow Lane Elementary have also been studying the subject, by reading "The Wall" by Eve Benting, and took a virtual field trip to bring the topic to life.

* At Mount Olive Middle, some assignments on the subject include writing essays about "What Patriotism Means to Me," which will be entered in a national contest, while classes will also watch video interviews with war veterans or take part in other writing activities.

* North Drive Elementary students are learning about the history of the U.S. military and military marching songs of soldiers from the Revolutionary War era through the present. Students will view a video about the Armed Forces and watch the SJAFB Honor Guard perform the Flag Ceremony.

* Pre-kindergarten and exceptional children at Northeast Elementary will hear guest speakers who arrive in uniform and military vehicles. Kindergarten and first-grade students are reading "The Wall," about a boy wanting to find his grandfather's name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Physical education classes at the school have created flags and written thank you notes to veterans at the VA center in Durham. Grades 2-4 are learning about what a veteran is and how they served the nation. Third-graders are collecting candy to send to the deployed troops overseas, and fifth-graders are taking part in a poster and essay contest in addition to viewing videos and writing about veterans.

* Military parents of Northwest Elementary students have been invited to speak with students. Some classes are writing letters to deployed parents and participating in writing activities on what the holiday means to them, or performing in a skit. The school also has a Veterans Memorial Wall, inviting families to add names or pictures to display.

* At Norwayne Middle, some students will make cards for patients at Walter Reed Hospital. Veterans have been invited to come to the school to talk to students about military life. Teachers are discussing the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, as well as the origin of Veterans Day. Students are also encouraged to share their connection to veterans or write reflections on the importance of veterans in our country and construct posters honoring veterans.

* Students in all subject areas at Rosewood Middle are involved in lessons and projects that incorporate the use of research, literary and informational texts, and presentations.

* School Street Elementary students will read stories and poems about Veterans Day and participate in classroom discussions and writing activities. Some students will make flags, collages and cards for veterans.

* A fifth-grade musical, "We Salute You!" was presented last week at Spring Creek Elementary School, honoring those who have served in the nation's military.

* Social studies teachers at Spring Creek High are exploring the roots of Veterans Day, including the history of the day and the actions surrounding WWI and the Armistice it celebrates. Teachers will also discuss the concepts of World War and why the 11th of November was chosen as the day to honor our veterans.

* At Tommy's Road Elementary, some students will study the American flag and make wreaths. Others will read and discuss "What is Veterans Day?" by Margot Parker or other books about veterans and conduct online research.

* Wayne Academy students are also learning about the holiday, the Vietnam Memorial and the military installations in North Carolina. Students are also participating in scavenger hunt activities and creating thank you notes for veterans.

* A Veterans Day assembly was part of the festivities held at Wayne Early/Middle College High School this past Friday.