01/29/14 — People, animals begin to explore winter wonderland

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People, animals begin to explore winter wonderland

By Matt Caulder
Published in News on January 29, 2014 1:46 PM

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Seven-month-old Mia has her first snow with her new friend, 8-week-old Jetta. Michael and Danielle Johnson were outside playing for a few minutes before warming up and heading out for a second round.

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Johnnie Davis sweeps off his steps and sidewalk to stay safe around the house but has no more plans to leave the house today.

Goldsboro residents woke up today to a blanket of snow, and ice, covering yards, cars and everything else this morning as more than 3 inches fell in the city overnight.

Most people were buttoned up tight this morning, preferring to stay inside and warm above heading out onto the snow-covered streets.

Newlyweds, Michael Johnson and his wife Danielle, took their dogs, Mia and Jetta, outside to play in the snow for their first snowfall.

The Johnsons picked up 8-week-old Jetta this past weekend to keep 7-month-old Mia company.

"Last night was the first night they slept together," Mrs. Johnson said. "There was some whimpering and I was worried, but they're still here."

Michael Johnson planned on warming up before heading out to check the machinery where he works at Georgia-Pacific to make sure it was safe.

"I'll swing by and make sure it's still there and safe to run when we get started up," he said. "We shut everything down for the snow over there."

Mia was eager to run around in the snow but tried to keep her paws above the snow as much as she could, which is no small feat for a dachshund in the 3-inch thick snow.

Jetta was less of a fan of the snow, dragging her belly through the powder.

Johnson was nice enough to let her warm up in his jacket while Mrs. Johnson gave the same treatment to Mia before heading in to thaw.

Some residents, like Larnell Jones, were poking around to see how much snow came down, and also searching out food.

Jones was parked down by Dollar General on George Street before heading on to get some Hardee's.

He worked for over 40 years as a truck driver in the Northwest and doesn't mind a dusting of snow on the ground.

"It's like second nature to be driving in it so long," he said. "I'm going to drive down to Hardee's next and see if they are open. Then I'll drive around for a little while longer and check out the roads."

For many, though, the day was just about staying home and keeping off the roads.

Johnnie Davis was sweeping off his walkway today but said he had no intention of trying to get his car free from the snow and ice.

"I'm just sweeping enough so I don't break my neck," Davis said. "I'm not going anywhere today."