08/21/14 — Fremont updates its nuisance ordinance

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Fremont updates its nuisance ordinance

By Ethan Smith
Published in News on August 21, 2014 1:46 PM

FREMONT -- At Fremont's Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday night, the board voted to update its nuisance ordinance to quicken the process of abatement on any given nuisance violation.

An abatement means the removal of a problem that is against public or private policy.

Chapter 96.04(B) of the Fremont Code of Ordinances sets an ordinance pertaining to noxious weeds and grasses. The previous ordinance stated that any grass above a height of 12 inches was in violation of ordinance standards.

Police Chief P.E. Moats said the current process takes 21 days to abate the property, and the new ordinance reduces that time period to seven days. Any grass or weed above a height of eight inches will now be deemed to be in violation of the ordinance, as the board voted unanimously to pass the amendment, effective immediately.

"Right now we have to abate the property three times in a fiscal year to issue a repeat offender notice," Moats said. "We are never able to send a third letter due to how long it takes now."

The new process allows police to abate the property after the first letter, and to issue a repeat offender notice after the first abatement occurs.

The new ordinance will apply to all nuisances within the town of Fremont.

A public hearing was held for the transfer of property between Harold Cuddington and the Fremont Police Department. The property being transferred is Mr. Cuddington's Springfield Armory .45 caliber handgun, valued at $600, for the Town of Fremont's Smith & Wesson M&P .45 caliber handgun, also valued at $600.

The transfer of property was approved unanimously, and Cuddington abstained from voting since he had a vested interest in the transaction. No money will be paid to either party involved in the transaction, as the handguns are of equal value.

Official notice was given that the town will be applying for a Community Development Block Grant from the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources for the amount of $1.6 million to improve the town's wastewater lagoon.

It is the town's third time applying for the grant.

"It is absolutely necessary for the ability to continue as we are," said Mayor Darron Flowers.

The resolution to authorize application for the grant was approved unanimously, and the deadline for applications is October 2, and the town will know whether or not they received the grant by December.