01/08/17 — Shots strike house while family at home

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Shots strike house while family at home

By Ethan Smith
Published in News on January 8, 2017 2:29 AM

Shots fired at 12:01 a.m. New Year's Day in celebration of the calendar change entered a home on Pleasant Pines Drive, according to a report filed Thursday with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

Aydee Pacheco, 23, who lives at 202 Pleasant Pines Drive, reported to the sheriff's office that her neighbors began shooting guns in celebration of the new year Sunday morning right after the clock struck midnight.

Pacheco told deputies while her neighbors were shooting guns, she and her family heard a loud bang at the end of their house facing the direction of the gunshots.

She and her children went to the opposite end of the house and took cover while her husband checked out the noise, the report said.

At the time, Pacheco's husband did not find any evidence of a bullet striking the residence.

But when Pacheco was vacuuming Thursday, she found a bullet inside a bedroom in the house and discovered a bullet hole in the side of the house where the projectile made entry to the residence, the report said.

Pacheco told deputies she suspects the bullet entered her home when her neighbors were shooting guns at the turn of the new year.

Around $300 worth of damage was caused to the home where the bullet made entry through the outside of the house and went through three walls inside the house, according to the report.

Anyone with information about this crime, or any other crime in Wayne County is asked to call or text Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255. Callers remain anonymous and information leading to a felony arrest will be eligible for a cash reward.