04/19/17 — Fremont resident honored for act of kindness

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Fremont resident honored for act of kindness

By Joey Pitchford
Published in News on April 19, 2017 9:57 AM

FREMONT -- The Fremont Board of Aldermen recognized a town resident for an act of kindness at its meeting Tuesday night, and also addressed enforcement of their new garbage fine ordnance.

Fremont Police Chief Paul Moats presented Fremont resident Frances Mooring with a plaque, letter of recognition and a $50 gift card after she found and returned an unsigned bank envelope to the town hall on April 3.

After bringing the envelope back unopened, Moats said, Ms. Mooring left without giving her name or asking for anything in return. Shortly afterward, Moats checked inside the envelope to find over $600.

Moats said that later that day, a visibly distressed man came to the town hall looking for an bank envelope, which he identified as the one Ms. Mooring had returned. The money inside was the man's only way to pay his bills for the month, Moats said.

Moats presented the gifts to Ms. Mooring before the board. Ms. Mooring said that her heart would not allow her to do anything else in the situation.

"I knew I'd have to face God for that," she said.

The only action item before the board Tuesday was the approval of a letter of notice for the town's new garbage fines. The town implemented the $25 fines for residents who improperly handle their garbage after several months of deliberation.

The letter that came before the board explains all of the requirements for how trash is to be handled, as well as notifying the offender which offense they are on. The first offense elicits a warning, while the second offense receives a certified letter from the town. A third offense will cause the offender to incur the $25 fine, added to their next utility bill.

Another topic of discussion was that of disaster relief funds the town is receiving in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Town Administrator Barbara Aycock said that the total compensation Fremont will receive from FEMA is around $300,000. This money comes at the same time as a $225,250 Golden Leaf grant for the town to fix its Hillendale sewer pump station, along with other, previous grants to aid sewer repairs.