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Local Feature: The Battles

Illustration of Stress, Hopelessness, Uncertainty, Pressure, Depression and Stigma

With increased deployments and more pressure at home to remain battle-ready, some airmen say being among the nation’s best is taking its toll. Air Force officials say they are aware of the stress and are making sure airmen know where to turn.

The battles: Colonel to airmen: Talk, we will listen

Col. Patrick Doherty acknowledges that today's Air Force is far different than the one he joined years ago. "It is a different Air Force with the transformation of warfare and the whole environment we're in right now," he said....

The battles: 6 airmen's views

Some have been engaged in the global war on terror since before their children were born -- experiencing, for nearly a decade, more milestones over the Internet and telephone than in person; coming home from theater only to have...

The battles: Chaplain answers questions

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following interview was conducted in October, shortly after Col. Howard Stendahl, command chaplain with Air Combat Command, came to speak at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base following two suicides among Goldsboro-based airmen. Since the most recent...