02/23/10 — A week off

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A week off

By Laura Collins
Published in State News on February 23, 2010 5:19 PM

OK, so I took a week off from working out.

The work load at the News-Argus was a little heavier last week and I thought my editors wouldn't appreciate me taking mid-day breaks to go hang out at the Y. Since my editors are scarier than YMCA Wellness Director Lisa Weston (only slightly though) I thought it was the best way to go.

It turns out, however, the week off wasn't a good decision. I think it gave my trainer Ashleigh just enough time to decide she was no longer the sweet little mouse I described her as. She is now much more demanding than before and immune to my whining. She also seems to still be under the impression I like doing ab work. I do not.

We tried a new one yesterday: a weighted hula hoop. Before we got started I informed Lisa that according to the Wii, I am awesome at hula hooping. The Wii was wrong. I suffered a similar disappointment when Wii American Idol told me I was good at singing and going to Hollywood. I am clearly not in Hollywood.

In addition to the hula hooping, we worked triceps, back, hamstrings and calves. I'm still about two pounds heavier than my starting weight before I began training for the Big "A" Challenge, so Lisa and Ashleigh said they're turning up the intensity on my cardio the rest of this week. So if you see me crying in the fetal position on the track, just step over me.