08/17/11 — HARRY C. GORE

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Died Aug. 7, 2011

Harry Carol Gore, 79, Goldsboro, N.C., husband of Alice Gore and son of Harry and Caroline Gore, died peacefully at Kitty Askins Hospice in Goldsboro Aug. 7, 2011, with his loving family by his side.

Born in Gastonia, he spent his youth in Clover, S.C.

He served in the United States Navy during the Korean War, and was a member of the United States Navy boxing team.

After his time in the Navy, he pursued a career in education. He attended LSU, Rider University and Lehigh University, finishing with a master's degree in education.

A former resident of West Chester, Pa., Harry was a teacher at Pierce Elementary, principal of High Street School and the founder/director of West Chester Alternative School. Harry's remarkable talent influenced and shaped the lives of hundreds of students and teachers.

During his time in West Chester, he also opened the Mountain Shop.

After life in West Chester, Harry worked as a professor at Salem University and West Virginia University.

He contributed to the 4-H Club and was a West Virginia University extension agent.

A decade of his life was invested in the Boy Scouts of America.

He was a champion of human and civil rights with a focus on children.

His passion for gardening created an oasis in every neighborhood in which he lived. Almost every day you could find him creating and tending to the smallest of details.

He could also be found resting, reading or thinking under one of the shade trees he had planted.

As a father, he enjoyed long walks along railroad tracks, beaches, mountains and anywhere his children would take him. He would be hurt if we left out that he was the 1967 Pike County Travel Team co-captain pancake eating champion.

Through his eyes we experience this world as a place of endless possibilities. In his children, he instilled a sense of adventure, wonderment, tolerance and respect for others.

Harry is survived by his wife, Alice; his cousin and dear friend, Paula Jean; his children; grandchildren; and dog, Tassy.

We will forever love and miss you, Dad.


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