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Should Notre Dame have been allowed to join the ACC in all sports except football?

Started on 09/13/2005

Yes, they are a great addition.
- 18%
(58 votes)
No, they should have joined completely or not at all.
- 49%
(161 votes)
No, they do not belong in the ACC.
- 33%
(107 votes)

Total Votes: 326

What do you think of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's choice of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan for vice president?

Started on 08/14/2005

I think it's a great pick. Ryan has big ideas that will excite the Republican base.
- 57%
(372 votes)
I think it's a terrible pick. Ryan's ideas are dangerous and will hurt Romney.
- 20%
(129 votes)
I think the pick will help create an actual debate over policy, but it's up to Romney to swing voters.
- 12%
(78 votes)
I do not think vice presidential candidates have any effect whatsoever on who people vote for.
- 11%
(73 votes)

Total Votes: 652

Are you watching the Olympics?

Started on 07/31/2005

Yes, I love the Summer Olympics and watch every four years.
- 36%
(127 votes)
Yes, but it's not a priority.
- 31%
(110 votes)
Yes and no. I'm watching events live online and not on tape-delay television.
- 2%
(7 votes)
No, I can find out the results before they show the events.
- 4%
(15 votes)
No, I really don't get into the Olympics at all.
- 27%
(96 votes)

Total Votes: 355

The Stolen Valor Act was enacted by Congress in 2006 to make it illegal to lie about receiving the Medal of Honor and other prestigious military recognitions. The U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court decision calling this law unconstitutional on the basis of freedom of speech, though anyone who fabricates honors can still be prosecuted for fraud. What do you think?

Started on 07/02/2005

Yes, I agree the law was an unconstitutional abridgment of the free speech that has been fought for. Lying is reprehensible, but public shaming and existing punishments are enough.
- 12%
(42 votes)
Yes, but now Congress should try to pass another more constitutionally correct law to protect the distinguished service of our veterans
- 29%
(104 votes)
No, the law should have been upheld and these people deserve special punishment.
- 59%
(212 votes)

Total Votes: 358

For whom would you cast your "straw poll" vote if you were in Iowa?

Started on 01/02/2005

Mitt Romney
- 24%
(642 votes)
Newt Gingrich
- 13%
(344 votes)
Rick Santorum
- 16%
(423 votes)
Ron Paul
- 10%
(267 votes)
Michelle Bachmann
- 3%
(70 votes)
Rick Perry
- 1%
(33 votes)
Jon Huntsman
- 2%
(42 votes)
None of the above
- 32%
(849 votes)

Total Votes: 2670

If you had to pick today, for whom would you cast your vote in the Republican campaign for the nomination for president of the United States?

Started on 11/29/2005

Newt Gingrich
- 36%
(336 votes)
Herman Cain
- 11%
(107 votes)
Ron Paul
- 13%
(122 votes)
Michelle Bachmann
- 7%
(66 votes)
Mitt Romney
- 24%
(222 votes)
Rick Perry
- 5%
(42 votes)
Rick Santorum
- 4%
(38 votes)

Total Votes: 933

Christmas is coming and budgets are still pretty tight. How are you planning your holiday shopping?

Started on 11/17/2005

We are cutting way back this year.
- 52%
(184 votes)
We are going to spend about the same amount as last year.
- 26%
(92 votes)
We feel a little better this year, so we are going to spend a little more.
- 7%
(25 votes)
What budget?
- 15%
(52 votes)

Total Votes: 353

As college and high school graduates begin entering the job market, what do you think of their prospects?

Started on 05/25/2005

They are in worse shape than in recent years because high gas and other prices will drive down the economy.
- 63%
(850 votes)
They are in better shape than in recent years because the unemployment rate is dropping and things are improving.
- 6%
(78 votes)
There's not much change in job prospects, but unless students have a good job lined up they should get more education.
- 31%
(424 votes)

Total Votes: 1352

What do you think about the city council's exploration of a plan to purchase the Arts Council of Wayne County's former building to be used for an Air Force Museum?

Started on 04/19/2005

I think it is a great idea. There is a nice building available and we could make it into something that could be a draw to this community.
- 22%
(146 votes)
I think it a bad idea. We cannot afford a project like this, period.
- 11%
(75 votes)
I think a museum is a good idea, but not taking on a building in need of so much repair.
- 5%
(35 votes)
I am for a museum, and possibly the Arts Council building location, but only if it is privately funded.
- 20%
(134 votes)
Balance the city budget, then we can talk about a new museum.
- 40%
(264 votes)

Total Votes: 654

You heard the president's address to the nation last night concerning the no-fly zone in Libya — what do you think?

Started on 03/29/2005

I think we have no business entering another war — especially one where we seem to have no coherent strategy.
- 38%
(204 votes)
I think the president expressed himself very well and I think we absolutely should be involved.
- 5%
(27 votes)
The president did what he had to do -- I do not want to see another military action, but the U.S. cannot sit back while innocents are killed.
- 18%
(97 votes)
We are there for oil — so say it. If "humanitarian" is the reason, why aren't we in the Congo where there is real genocide?
- 12%
(67 votes)
The president should have gone to Congress first with a defined strategy for this action. He acted impulsively and illegally.
- 27%
(148 votes)

Total Votes: 543

You read the mayor's thoughts on the state of young black males in Goldsboro, so tell us what you think:

Started on 01/31/2011

I think the mayor is prejudiced. Our young black males are being targeted and presumed guilty. That's why we hear more about their transgressions.
- 2%
(21 votes)
I think the mayor is right. We need to reach these young men quickly. We cannot afford the costs that would go along with ignoring the problem. This is a community issue — black and white.
- 27%
(268 votes)
I think the mayor is right, but the problem has to be fixed at the family level. A community cannot undo what these children face every day at home.
- 63%
(620 votes)
We need to lift up our young black men, not condemn them. This is not the way to get them to make the right choices. Stop complaining and start helping.
- 8%
(82 votes)

Total Votes: 991

Do you believe the political rhetoric of the past two years is in any way responsible for the tragic shooting in Tuscon, Ariz. last week?

Started on 01/18/2011

No. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in America. The shooting suspect was motivated by his own demented ideas, not by any political speech.
- 64%
(324 votes)
Absolutely. The irresponsible tone of some politicians’ talk has reached the point where it is inciting people to hatred of those holding opposing viewpoints.
- 18%
(90 votes)
Perhaps. There are politicians taking advantage of the situation for their own parties’ benefit, but it would not hurt for all of us to respect each other a little more and to think before we speak.
- 18%
(91 votes)

Total Votes: 505

2011 has dawned and Congress is getting back to work. What do you want to see them handle first?

Started on 01/03/2011

Back to work — A jobs program is a must.
- 26%
(140 votes)
A balanced budget — It is time to cut spending, and mean it.
- 22%
(118 votes)
Health care — Reject the former bill and come up with a new one.
- 18%
(95 votes)
Illegal immigration — Close the borders and eliminate anchor babies loophole.
- 28%
(153 votes)
Taxes — We need to cut them and promote investment.
- 7%
(36 votes)

Total Votes: 542

How do you feel about the battle over keeping the Bush tax cuts?

Started on 12/13/2010

I don't think it goes far enough. This is not a tax cut. Cut them even more to stimulate the economy.
- 25%
(114 votes)
I am against it. I think millionaires can afford to pay more and they should.
- 28%
(129 votes)
I think we need corresponding spending cuts to pay for it - otherwise we just get further in the hole.
- 25%
(116 votes)
I think it is the right move. Anything to stimulate this economy. Unemployed people cannot pay taxes.
- 23%
(105 votes)

Total Votes: 464

What are you most afraid of as the power shifts in the U.S. House?

Started on 11/15/2010

The damage a lame duck congress can do.
- 14%
(87 votes)
That the Republicans will be too unbending and nothing will get done.
- 27%
(161 votes)
That the Republicans will compromise too much and nothing will change.
- 9%
(55 votes)
That Democrats will put an end to any hopes of compromise by using their Senate majority and the presidential veto threat.
- 25%
(150 votes)
That until the presidency changes parties — if it does — there will be limbo, not progress.
- 25%
(150 votes)

Total Votes: 603

You have read what the president has to say about the trouble with education in America, what do you think the main concern should be if the nation is really going to start getting serious about education reform?

Started on 11/01/2010

We need better teachers. There are too many not doing their jobs.
- 8%
(50 votes)
We need more money for poor performing schools and to leave the others alone.
- 3%
(16 votes)
We need to get tough with students. If you cannot perform at grade level, you do not move on to the next grade.
- 39%
(235 votes)
We need to cut back on the bureaucrats and administrators and put more teachers in the classroom.
- 33%
(198 votes)
We need alternatives. If your public school is not performing, you should be able to take your education funding to a private school.
- 16%
(98 votes)

Total Votes: 597

Pick our next Sunday comic:

Started on 10/26/2010

- 44%
(116 votes)
Baby Blues
- 43%
(114 votes)
Pearls Before Swine
- 13%
(34 votes)

Total Votes: 264

Candidate Questions

Started on 09/27/2010

Talk is cheap. There is no question that right now, the economy is off the rails. If we sent you to the Senate/House this fall, what would be one specific measure you would propose or support to get more Americans back to work? In other words, what would you DO to fix the economy?
- 20%
(84 votes)
Very few people will argue with the statement that America has an illegal immigration problem. There are multiple thoughts on the issue, but two major suggestions have been made: Send those who broke the rules home or Give those who are already here amnesty. Where do you stand on both options? Also, would you vote yes or no on a bill to disallow American citizenship for anchor babies?
- 25%
(105 votes)
Americans are tired of partisanship determining votes. We do not want a yes man or woman in Washington. If you are a Democrat, what do you disagree with President Barack Obama about and what would you suggest he keep or change in his agenda? If you are a Republican, we get it, you don't like what President Obama has done so far, but what do you think about the way the GOP has handled itself and what other options would you offer to tackle some of the issues addressed by the Democratic leadership?
- 11%
(47 votes)
There has been all kinds of talk about taxes lately. What is your stance on extending the Bush tax credits for everyone? Would you consider making them permanent? What is your stance on tax rates in general - do you see Americans needing to buckle down and pay more or do you want to return more money to the taxpayers? How will that translate into a stronger economy?
- 14%
(61 votes)
Health care is now a reality. If we send you to Washington, what will your position be? A. Health care reform needs time to work. I support the change and have studied its impact. B. Health care reform is needed, but this law is not going to give us what we want, I support reforming the reforms. Also, have you read the health care law? What part do you think is a keeper and what is an area that scares you?
- 17%
(71 votes)
Government - what do you think the role of government should be? Would you like to see more social programs or less? Do you think government jobs can lead a recovery? What is your definition of personal liberty and how important is it in today's world?
- 13%
(56 votes)

Total Votes: 424

What advice do you think is the best when it comes to what this country needs to grow the economy and to provide more jobs for more Americans?

Started on 09/13/2010

Tax cuts - for everyone. More money means more investment and spending.
- 54%
(241 votes)
Programs designed to support and encourage small business growth. That's who make the jobs.
- 20%
(88 votes)
More incentives for large corporations to locate in areas that are struggling.
- 8%
(36 votes)
Go after some of the profits of the large corporations and redistribute them to support the jobless and to create more reeducation programs.
- 9%
(40 votes)
Use government spending to create jobs - the point is to get as many people as possible working.
- 10%
(44 votes)

Total Votes: 449

Do you think the Wayne County School District should ban peanut butter?

Started on 08/30/2010

Yes, if there is a risk to even one student then it should go.
- 14%
(141 votes)
No, this is overkill. Children have allergies to many things — will they be banned, too?
- 86%
(884 votes)

Total Votes: 1025

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