04/04/04 — Goldsboro Road Run has regional appeal

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Goldsboro Road Run has regional appeal

By David Williams
Published in Sports on April 4, 2004 9:21 AM

In its 26th year, the Sunrise Kiwanis Greater Goldsboro Road Run is enjoying a regional reputation that brings runners from all around the area to downtown Goldsboro.

Saturday's Road Run brought runners from Pennsylvania, South Carolina and as far away in-state as Mebane, with several groups of runners from Raleigh, Cary and Jacksonville taking part.

Four first-time winners were crowned in all four competitive events -- and all four were running the Road Run for the first time.

It was a clear morning that held a cool breeze and bright sun. Most of the competitors thought the conditions were ideal.

The 5K race started first, with a large field taking the starters' gun. Winner Derek Fenton of Raleigh posted a 16:12 time, 51 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Isrrael Jaimes of Wilson.

Fenton is back running after nearly a year's absence form the sport.

"I had been running for about four years before that," he said. "I like it (the course). It was all good, a little windy coming back, but it's all good. I just kind of ran my pace, and it all came out for the best."

Women's 5K winner Jewel Marlowe had a following with her. The track coach at Wayne Country Day School and a fifth-grade teacher, Marlowe won her race in 21:07 and then took several grammar-school children on the 1-mile Fun Run.

"Those were kids from my fifth-grade class, and some sixth and seventh graders," said Marlowe. "It was great for them to come out and try it."

The 10K winner for the men was Dave Max, an Air Force member stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. A runner who went to high school in Hickory and then kept running while he was in college in Iowa, Max clocked a 34:04 for the course, over two and a half minutes ahead of second-place Jim Michaels of Raleigh.

"It was a beautiful day to run," Max said. "The course was flat, and that's exactly what you want."

The women's 10K winner was a familiar face to most area runners -- Elizabeth Martin of Mount Olive. Martin just graduated from Mount Olive College as the most successful distance runner in school history, making two straight appearances at the NCAA Division II national championship meet.

Her 41:12 clocking of the 10K course was six and a half minutes better than Debra Caviness of Mrytle Beach, who placed second.

"It was a great day," Martin said. "I felt good. I had somebody to run with, and that was good. I enjoyed the water stops, and I thank the volunteers for holding off the cars. It was a great day."

The children had a great turnout for the 1-mile Fun Run/Walk. Also on the schedule was a "slowpoke race," in which selected "athletes" who were considered by their businesses as the most out-of-condition ran a one-block race. Glenn Rains of the Goldsboro News-Argus barely beat the Walking Pizza Slice from Pizza Inn for the victory.

26th annual Greater Goldsboro Road Run

10K results

Top three males -- Dave Max, Goldsboro, 34:04; Jim Michaels, Raleigh, 36:55; Sam Brown, Raleigh, 37:09.

Top three females -- Elizabeth Martin, Mount Olive, 41.12; Debra Caviness, Myrtle Beach, S.C., 47:41; Kimberly Riggs, Goldsboro, 47:46.

Males 18 and under -- Michael Lawrence, Goldsboro, 38:40; Jeremy Interrante, Goldsboro, 39:38.

Females 18 and under -- Katelyn Lee, Apex, 50:31

Males 19-24 -- James Ehlinger, Wilson, 46:11; Vito Giaravino, Goldsboro, 50:22

Males 25-34 -- John Nietfeld, Raleigh, 38:14; Auturo Pujol, Morrisville, 40:14; Adam Burke, Raleigh, 42:36; Jon Sedgwick, Fort Bragg, 46:18; Randall Shearon, Goldsboro, 53:26.

Females 25-34 -- Laura Lewis, Goldsboro, 58:30; Jennifer Scott, Pink Hill, 1:06:56; Leanne Edmonds, Goldsboro, 1:07:14; Jeanette Zimmers, Cary, 1:07:17.

Males 35-44 -- Steve Kozischek, Jacksonville, 38:07; Anthony Nesbit, Goldsboro, 39:08; Charlie Justice, Greenville, 39:40; Laurence Rubin, Raleigh, 40:10; Peter Roethling, Goldsboro, 41:21; Kent Vinson, Dudley, 41:42; Andy Mitchell, Goldsboro, 43:02; C.C. Wilkins II, Goldsboro, 44:11; Gary Sims, Goldsboro, 48:57; Dennis Daniels, Raleigh, 50:05; Reggie Pander, Princeton, 53:58; Ronald Kendall, Goldsboro, 58:30.

Males 45-54 -- Daniel Labrecque, Chapel Hill, 41:24; Bill Collins, Goldsboro, 48:18; Eric Braschwitz, Cary, 48:18.

Males 55-64 -- Bob Danneger, Raleigh, 49:46; Val Price, Raleigh, 58:59.

Males 65 and over -- Dave Thomas, Goldsboro, 1:26:50.

5K results

Top three males -- Derek Fenton, Raleigh, 16:12; Isrrael Jaimes, Wilson, 17:01; Matthew Interrante, Goldsboro, 17:06.

Top three females -- Jewel Marlowe, Goldsboro, 21:07; Debra Caviness, Mrytle Beach, 21:23; Liza Davis, Stantonsburg, 21:44.

Males 18 and under -- Michael Lawrence, Goldsboro, 17:56; Michael Scott, Goldsboro, 19:28; Carson Sasser, Goldsboro, 20:14; Ben Cogdell, Goldsboro, 21:42; Jeremy Purser, Goldsboro, 24:00; Adam Harrison, LaGrange, 27:07; Andrew Eberst, Goldsboro, 32:29; Colton Butler, LaGrange, 36:40.

Females 18 and under -- Leslie Lewis, Goldsboro, 23:10; Monica Gonzalez, Goldsboro, 27:29; Emily Smith, Seven Springs, 35:06; Keirsta Woodard, Goldsboro, 46:54.

Females 19-24 -- Stephanie Milchak, Morrisville, 23:33; Ashleigh Massengill, Wilson, 25:03; Katie Holcomb, Pikeville, 29:14, April Daily, Smithfield, 45:30.

Males 25-34 -- Brian Barbisch, Raleigh, 17:31; Guadalupe Martinez, Raleigh, 18:17; John Mignosa, Mebane, 18:21; Louis Pelsang, Morehead City, 18;43; David Zinnante, Fayetteville, 20:03; Siegfried Yeh, Goldsboro, 20:50; Randall Shearon, Goldsboro, 22:11; Bradon Walter, State College, Pa., 23:33; Keith Edgerton, Durham, 23:34; Patrick Etheridge, Goldsboro, 24:03; Carl Lashomb, Goldsboro, 24:04; James Kornegay, Mount Olive, 24:05; Stan Shuttleworth, Goldsboro, 26:28;; Eric Barker, Cary, 30:35; Chris Howell, Garner, 31:00; Mitchell Smith, Seven Springs, 35:06; Christopher Daily, Smithfield, 45:30.

Females 25-34 -- Rebecca Voegeli, Fayetteville, 23:20; Melissa Waldron, Goldsboro, 25:59; Sharmen Kimbrough, Goldsboro, 28:12; Suzanna Auston, Rocky Mount, 29:50; Kristin Zdelar, Cary, 30:56; Carmen Serrano, 35:01; Patricia Ollivier, Raleigh, 35:02; Tiffney Marley, Durham, 37:57; Tommela Marley, Raleigh, 40:02; Kelly Williams, Goldsboro, 44:52; Valerie Siggelkow, Goldsboro, 44:53; Michelle Bowers, Goldsboro, 46:24; Deb Tillman, Goldsboro, 46:58; Charlotte Hallow, Goldsboro, 46:59; Andrea Hardison, Goldsboro, 46:59.

Males 35-44 -- Greg Richardson, Durham, 18:08; Steve Koziechek, Jacksonville, 18:19; Jeff Crume, Raleigh, 18:51; David Palmeri, Cary, 18:54; Chris Squires, Raleigh, 19:00; James Pelsang, Morehead City, 19:45; Lindsey Puryear, Cary, 19:48; Maurice Allen, Raleigh, 20:33; Douglas E. Hammack, Red Oak, 20:35; Alejandro Jaimes, Wilson, 20:48; Mike Nemecek, Raleigh, 21;25; Milenko Heric, Goldsboro, 21;27; Andy S. Moore, Elm City, 21:37; Durand Caviness, Goldsboro, 21:57; Mark Ladd, Mount Olive, 28:07; Jack Rouse, Cary, 29:02; Steven Kabasa, Raleigh, 30:02; Tony Woodard, Goldsboro, 46:54.

Females 35-44 -- Sarah Avery, Raleigh, 21:58; Beverly Brown, Raleigh, 22:06; Ruth Sheehan, Raleigh, 23:47; Amy Buehrle, Cary, 24:29; Debbie Supernas, Goldsboro, 26:15; Maxine Carr, Princeton, 26:28; Susan Martin, Wake Forest, 27:45, Sharon Hinson, Goldsboro, 29:39; Kelly Gonzalez, Goldsboro, 30:05; Amy Gardner, Raleigh, 31:16; Michelle Valenzuela, LaGrange, 31:21; Beth O'Daniel Goldsboro, 21:13; Sonia Price, Goldsboro, 34:41; Cheryl Corns, Mount Olive, 47:39.

Males 45-54 -- Daniel Labrecque, Chapel Hill, 27:00; Jim Wrenn, Tarboro, 23:29; Larry Fann, Goldsboro, 24:57; John Chaplinsky, Raleigh, 28:31; Marvin Holcomb, Pikeville, 28:53; Maurice E. Holmes, Jr., Mount Olive, 34:56; Michael Lipscak, Goldsboro, 44;43; Brian Phelps, Goldsboro, 46:22.

Females 45-54 -- Julia Myers, Raleigh, 27:00; Denise Jones, Raleigh, 27:23; Ann Scheuer, Wake Forest, 28:14; Diane Holzworth, Goldsboro, 32:57; Terry Butler, LaGrange, 37:16; Pam Bryan, Dudley, 37:19; Kathy Jones, Goldsboro, 44:23; Danielle Bowers, Goldsboro, 46:25; Charlotte Trepoy, Goldsboro, 47:17.

Males 55-64 -- John O. Mitchell, Raleigh, 20:18; Jay Page, Raleigh, 22:10; Ken Brown, Raleigh, 23:02; Loren Jones, Jacksonville, 25:22.

Female 55-64 -- Pam Chatagnier, Goldsboro, 33:01.

Male 65-99 -- A.J. Bullard, Mount Olive, 36:41; Lee Adams, Goldsboro, 37:09.