07/22/04 — Physical form information

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Physical form information

By David Williams
Published in Sports on July 22, 2004 1:55 PM

The following items are

on a standard physical form:

* Medical history (known illnesses, birth deformities, Conditions currently under treatment, past disabling injuries such as fractures, allergies)

* Student's signature certifying facts on form

* Parent's signature allowing student to play and practice; permitting student to be treated if necessary; providing insurance information; and a release for Wayne County Schools from liability of a student is treated for an injury and no insurance is provided

The form asks the doctor to examine:

* Eyes
* Ears, nose and throat
* Heart
* Lungs
* Abdomen
* Genitalia (males only)
* Musculoskelatal
* Neurological
* Skin
* Urinalysis

Other information

* Physicals are good for one year from the date of the exam -- athletes can participate in winter and spring sports for the school year with one physical done in the fall

* Sports physicals do not screen a student for drug use

* Disqualifying conditions for sports include diabetes, loss of a kidney, an eye or testicle, jaundice, severe visual or auditory impairment, heart disease or hypertension, hernia, and many other conditions