12/22/04 — Stover stuns Taylor; Warriors finish 3-0

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Stover stuns Taylor; Warriors finish 3-0

By Rudy Coggins
Published in Sports on December 22, 2004 1:55 PM

After losing to county foe Rosewood in a recent tournament, Eastern Wayne wrestling coach Mike Brown crunched some numbers heading into Tuesday's four-team meet in the Eagles' gym.

Once he finished scribbling, Brown reckoned the teams would earn a 7-7 split. But, he thought Rosewood would prevail on criteria with more pinfalls than the Warriors.

Midway through Tuesday's match, Brown felt like a prophet. He turned to assistant coach Bruce Burridge said that if Eastern Wayne didn't get anything significant after 160 pounds the match "was over."

However, a first-year wrestler busted Brown's theory.

With his team leading 39-30, senior Eric Stover stepped onto the mat against Rosewood senior Clayton Taylor. Taylor, ranked in the top 10 among the state's 215-pounders in Classes 1-A/2-A, gained control early with two first-period takedowns and a nearfall.

Stover kept his poise and extended Taylor to the second period. The grapplers traded reversals and Stover caught Taylor in a headlock. As the clock ticked under 20 seconds, Stover pinned Taylor -- much to the delight of his teammates and the dismay of the Eagles.

"He was estactic," Brown said. "That was a big, big win. I couldn't believe Eric came back and managed to get (Taylor). That kid is ranked and Eric is just improving every day. For a first-year wrestler, he's having a fantastic year."

Stover improved to 13-8 overall.

"We were in a position to win the match and the great equalizer (the headlock) caught Clayton and he was pinned," Rosewood coach Bill Edmundson said. "You've got to give it to Eric. He won the match for them with a well-executed move."

The Warriors prevailed 45-35 without starters Chris Martin (130) and Decarlos Jones (135). Rosewood's Matt Davis pinned a first-year wrestler at 130 and Brown called that a "12-point swing" since Martin had beaten Davis twice this season. Fellow Eagle Jeremiah Goodson, who finished the day 3-0, earned a first-period pin against another first-year competitor at 135.

The Eagles, who suffered their first loss in six outings, led 24-9 at that point.

Eastern Wayne (6-1) seized six of the next seven matches. Junior Joey Burridge started the match-clinching 36-5 run with a first-period pinfall. Tim Brown (145) contributed a first-period pin.

After Rosewood's Jeff McCumber scored a third-period pin against Brian Lincoln, the Warriors rattled off four consecutive wins. Oscar Suncin, who ended the evening 2-0, needed 59 seconds to pin Brandon Dean. Veterans Travis Turner (171) and David Brown (189) followed with back-to-back pinfalls.

Then Stover took the mat and pulled off the biggest win of his young career.

"Needless to say I was disappointed by the Eastern Wayne match," Edmundson said. "The team relies on the experience of our older wrestlers. We always try to draw some kind of learning experience from all of our matches.

"We also try to have a positive come from a negative situation. Tonight, the lesson was the importance of wrestlers listening to their coaches. The entire team now realizes that they should listen to what we suggest. We may not always be right, but most of the time we can see things they can't see."

Senior Ramsey Brown and Tyler Daniels contributed to Rosewood's early surge with wins at 112 and 119 pounds, respectively. Senior heavyweight Michael Sander finished off the match with a first-period pin.

"I thought we'd win at 71 and 89 and they'd win at 215 and heavy. I know that's what Bill was counting on," Brown said. "The boys didn't quit. We got pins where we needed to get them. Some of the younger kids fought hard. They believed in themselves.

"Rosewood has always had our number, but so many of the kids on the team who are young didn't know that and I didn't tell them. That was a big win without two of my starters. I truly didn't think we had a chance."

Eastern Wayne collected its seventh victory with a hardfought 37-34 decision against Eastern Plains 2-A member Tarboro. The Warriors raced to a 33-12 lead against the Vikings, only to see that advantage nearly slip away.

Tarboro (5-7) claimed five of the next six matches beginning with Xavyer Burroughs' major decision against Brian Lincoln. Turner (21-1) managed to earn the Warriors' lone win during that stretch -- a major decision against Peter Heffley.

The Vikings needed a pin at heavyweight to force a tie, but Stover prevented Hunter Barber from getting the fall. If the teams had tied, Tarboro would have gained the win on criteria by virtue of more pins.

Eastern Wayne wrapped up the night with a 69-12 rout of North Johnston, a first-year program.

"Us walking away with three wins last night was a big surprise to me," Brown said.

Rosewood began defense of its Carolina/Tar-Roanoke 1-A Conference regular-season title with a 72-12 conquest of North Johnston. The Eagles notched eight pinfalls and benefited from four forfeits.

Edmundson's club finished the night with a 54-30 victory against Tarboro. Rosewood bolted to a 42-0 lead behind three forfeits and three pinfalls that took a combined 75 seconds to score.

Tarboro answered with a 30-0 run -- four pinfalls and one injury default. Taylor stopped the visitors' momentum with a third-period pin and Sander added a second-period pin against Eric Sutton.

"The North Johnston match gave us an opportunity to put in some of our less-experienced wrestlers," Edmundson said. "J.D. Baker and Chris Hare both earned their first varsity pins tonight. North Johnston's program will have nothing but positive growth.

"Tarboro played the bump game and didn't match up as well against us as they did with Eastern Wayne. Tarboro's upper middle weights are very good. (They're) a former conference team and we are very familiar with their wrestlers."

Round 1

Eastern Wayne 45

Rosewood 35

103 -- Chris Tesar (EW) dec. Jim Bish 6-0; 112 -- Ramsey Brown (R) wbf Keith Broadie, 0:44; 119 -- Tyler Daniels (R) by forfeit; 125 -- Josh Stevens (EW) wbf Dustin Sittig, 3:54; 130 -- Matt Davis (R) wbf T.J. Highsmith, 0:15; 135 -- Jeremiah Goodson (R) wbf D. Mitchell, 0:54; 140 -- Joey Burridge (EW) wbf Byron Cavenaugh, 0:57; 145 -- Timmy Brown (EW) wbf Harris Brogden, 0:41; 152 -- Jeff McCumber (R) wbf Brian Lincoln, 5:08; 160 -- Oscar Suncin (EW) wbf Brandon Dean, 0:59; 171 -- Travis Turner (EW) wbf Chris Holmes, 0:53; 189 -- David Brown (EW) wbf Antar Shafer, 3:01; 215 -- Eric Stover (EW) wbf Clayton Taylor, 3:42; Hwt -- Michael Sander (R) wbf Brandon Johnson, 0:32.

Tarboro High 54

North Johnston 12

103 -- double forfeit; 112 -- Justin Stewart (THS) wbf Justin Paul, 1:58; 119 -- Dean Jones (NJ) by forfeit; 125 -- Chase Enzor (THS) by forfeit; 130 -- Brandon Oliver (NJ) wbf Dustin Thompson, 3:50; 135 -- Travis Smith (THS) wbf Tyler Creech, 0:30; 140 -- double forfeit; 145 -- Matt Lewis (THS) wbf Luther Parrott, 1:42; 152 -- Xayver Burrough (THS) wbf Andrew McArten, 3:32; 160 -- James Alderman (THS) by forfeit; 171 -- Peter Heffley (THS) wbf Jeff Johnson, 1:44; 189 -- Jonnie Cooper (THS) wbf, 6:00; 215 -- Aaron Joyner (THS) wbf James Ferguson, 0:20; Hwt -- Hunter Barber (THS) wbf Michael Holder, 1:43.

Round 2

Eastern Wayne 37

Tarboro High 34

103 -- Chris Tesar (EW) by forfeit; 112 -- Justin Stewart (THS) by forfeit; 119 -- Keith Broadie (EW) by forfeit; 125 -- Josh Stevens (EW) by forfeit; 130 -- Dustin Thompson (THS) wbf T.J. Highsmith, 0:52; 135 -- Detori Mitchell (EW) dec. Travis Smith, 9-6; 140 -- Joey Burridge (EW) by forfeit; 145 -- Timmy Brown (EW) wbf Matt Lewis, 2:54; 152 -- Xavyer Burroughs (THS) maj. dec. Brian Lincoln, 11-2; 160 -- James Alderman (THS) wbf Tyler Wicks, 2:50; 171 -- Travis Turner (EW) maj. dec. Peter Heffley, 15-3; 189 -- Kirk Heffley (THS) dec. David Brown, 11-9; 215 -- Aaron Johnson (THS) wbf Brandon Johnson, 1:08; Hwt -- Hunter Barber (THS) dec. Eric Stover, 9-2.

Rosewood 72

North Johnston 12

103 -- Gabe Castro (R) by forfeit; 112 -- J.D. Baker (R) wbf Justin Paul, 1:29; 119 -- Chris Hare (R) wbf Dean Jones, 0:40; 125 -- Dustin Sittig (R) wbf Brandon Oliver, 0:40; 130 -- Matt Davis (R) by forfeit; 135 -- Jeremiah Goodson (R) wbf Tyler Creech, 2:30; 140 -- Byron Cavenaugh (R) by forfeit; 145 -- Luther Parrott (NJ) wbf Harris Brogden, 0:22; 152 -- Jeff McCumber (R) wbf Andrew McArten, 1:26; 160 -- Brandon Dean (R) by forfeit; 171 -- Chris Holmes (R) wbf Jeff Johnson, 0:44; 189 -- Tony Cooper (NJ) wbf Antar Shafer, 3:07; 215 -- Clayton Taylor (R) wbf Matt Cockrell, 0:54; Hwt -- Michael Sander (R) wbf Michael Holder, 1:21.

Round 3

Eastern Wayne 69

North Johnston 12

103 -- Chris Tesar (EW) by forfeit; 112 -- Keith Broadie (EW) dec. Justin Paul, 14-7; 119 -- Dean Jones (NJ) by forfeit; 125 -- Josh Stevens (EW) wbf Brandon Oliver, 0:39; 130 -- T.J. Highsmith (EW) by forfeit; 135 -- Detori Mitchell (EW) wbf Tyler Creech, 0:36; 140 -- Joey Burridge (EW) by forfeit; 145 -- Timmy Brown (EW) wbf Luther Parrot, 0:39; 152 -- Andrew McArten (NJ) wbf Cindy Clarkson, 1:01; 160 -- Brian Lincoln (EW) by forfeit; 171 -- Oscar Suncin (EW) wbf Jeff Johnson, 0:25; 189 -- Travis Turner (EW) wbf Jaime Cooper, 5:00; 215 -- Eric Stover (EW) wbf Michael Holder, 0:44; Hwt -- Brandon Johnson (EW) by forfeit.

Rosewood 54

Tarboro High 30

103 -- Jim Bish (R) by forfeit; 112 -- Ramsey Brown (R) by forfeit; 119 -- Tyler Daniels (R) wbf Justin Stewart, 0:24; 125 -- Dustin Sittig (R) by forfeit; 130 -- Matt Davis (R) wbf Dustin Thompson, 0:27; 135 -- Jeremiah Goodson (R) wbf Travis Smith, 0:24; 140 -- Byron Cavenaugh (R) by forfeit; 145 -- Matt Lewis (THS) wbf Harris Brogden, 0:56; 152 -- Xavyer Burroughs (THS) wbf Jeff McCumber, 4:27; 160 -- James Alderman (THS) wbf Brandon Dean, 0:31; 171 -- Peter Heffley (THS) inj. def. Chris Holmes, 1:01; 189 -- Kirk Heffley (THS) wbf Antar Shafer, 1:11; 215 -- Clayton Taylor (R) wbf Aaron Joyner, 5:35; Hwt -- Michael Sander (R) wbf Eric Sutton, 3:49.