06/02/06 — Wayne Country Day athletes recognized at season-ending ceremony

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Wayne Country Day athletes recognized at season-ending ceremony

By Gabe Whisnant
Published in Sports on June 2, 2006 2:18 PM

Wayne Country Day announced its athletic award winners for the 2005-2006 school year.

Varsity Girl's Tennis -- Most Improved -- Georgia Tanner; Coaches Award -- Georgia Crow; Extra Effort Award -- Dia Promois.

Varsity Girl's Cross Country -- Most Valuable -- Molly Peacock; Coaches Award -- Virginia Yarboro; Most Potential -- Anna Davis.

Varsity Volleyball -- Most Improved -- Kayla Flanagan; Coaches Award -- Sami Schurhammer; Most Valuable -- Ashley Clark.

Varsity Girl's Basketball -- Best All-Around -- Tiara Broadie and Molly Peacock; Hustle Award -- Virginia Best; Coaches Award -- Sami Schurhammer; Most Improved -- Georgia Crow.

Varsity Girl's Soccer -- Most Valuable Defense -- Kayla Flanagan; Most Valuable Offense -- Virginia Best; Coaches Award -- Whitney Nagel; Most Improved -- Katie Hampton; Most Valuable -- Georgia Crow.

Varsity Cheerleading -- Co-MVPs -- Whitney Nagel, Desiree Tapley.

Varsity Boy's Soccer -- Most Valuable Defense -- Travis Davis; Most Valuable Offense -- Will Futrelle; Most Valuable -- Sam Steed; Coaches Award -- Hyo Won Ha; Most Improved -- Cameron Ford; Hustle Award -- Ryan Ford.

Varsity Boy's Basketball -- Defensive Player of the Year -- Phillip Weeks; Clutch Player of the Year -- Tavon Waters; Most Valuable -- Adam Wright; Hustle Award -- Cameron Strickland.

Varsity Boy's Golf -- Most Valuable -- Kevin Herring.

Varsity Boy's Tennis -- Coaches Award -- Hyo Won Ha; Most Improved -- Kevin Martell; Most Valuable -- Ross Wilson; Parker's Pig-out Award -- Byron Bryan.

Varsity Baseball -- Pitcher Award -- Trent Langston; Offensive Player of the Year -- Ryan Ford; Most Improved -- Joseph Cha; Coaches Award -- Kyle Pender; Most Valuable -- Travis Davis; Hustle Award -- Kyle Pender.

JV Cheerleading -- Most Valuable -- Emily Warren; Coaches Award -- Olivia Jones.

JV Boy's Soccer -- Coaches Award -- Brandon Davis; Most Valuable -- Bryce Allen; Most Improved -- Vaughn Eason.

JV Boy's Basketball -- Most Improved -- Vaughn Eason; Coaches Award -- Kevin Martell.

JV Boy's Tennis -- Most Improved -- Kobi Hood and Will Nolan; Most Improved -- Will Nolan; Coaches Award -- Thomas Yarboro.

Sam Patrick (Leadership Award) -- Male -- Hyo Won Ha; Female -- Whitney Nagel.

Tom Jones (Christian Athletic) -- Will Futrelle.

Scholar Athlete -- Male -- Ross Wilson; Female -- Whitney Nagel.

6th Man Award -- Beki Whitley; Misty Best; Scottie Bryan.