12/31/08 — Opinion -- Pro sports teams need to develop resolutions with 2009 approaching

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Opinion -- Pro sports teams need to develop resolutions with 2009 approaching

By Andrew Stevens
Published in Sports on December 31, 2008 1:46 PM

New Year's resolutions -- seemingly everyone has them and yet very few people keep them past the end of January.

Rather than come up with my own wishful thinking resolution that I may or may not stick to, here's a list of New Year's resolutions for a handful of athletes or franchises in need of some guidance:

* Dallas Cowboys: America's Team needs to seek out a head coach and a quarterback who are proven leaders.

Neither Wade Phillips on the sidelines nor Tony Romo running the offense has exemplified the type of leadership necessary to win big games let alone championships. Dallas desperately needs someone determined to make those around him better and bent on making Terrell Owens focused more on maximizing his potential and less on running his mouth.

A franchise that was once one of the most prestigious in all of sports hasn't won a postseason game since 1996 and that world-famous star has lost some of its luster.

* Brett Favre: Brett, it's been a heck of a ride and you've provided football fans with 17 years worth of memories.

As the NFL's leader in career touchdown passes, career passing yards, consecutive starts and career wins you've permanently cemented your place as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Watching you battle through injuries this season while resembling a quarterback past his prime more than a living legend was excruciatingly painful.

There's much more glory to be had in going out when the time is right than hanging on when your time is gone.

* New York Yankees: Spending the offseason doing team-unity building exercises and taking refresher courses on handling the media could prove to be useful when baseball's highest payroll fails yet again to produce a World Series crown.

Aside from Boston, the past two World Series have featured Tampa Bay, Philadelphia and Colorado. Each of these three small-market franchises proved that it takes more than household names and salaries capable of buying small countries to win championships.

Enjoy your fancy new stadium New York because chances are that's all you'll be celebrating next season.

* Carolina Hurricanes: Getting back to playing the in-your-face style of hockey which featured an overpowering power play, dominant goal tending and a hard-hitting fore-check that produced a Stanley Cup in 2006 would be a good place to start.

It wasn't too long ago when the RBC Center rocked every night the Canes were in town and deep playoff runs could be counted on. Whether the firing of former head coach Peter Laviolette in early December was the right move has yet to be decided.

What is certain is that Carolina hasn't been the same franchise since hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup. A two-year drought without a postseason appearance is evidence of that.

* Kyle Busch: Perhaps enrolling in an anger management class could enhance your personality both on and off the track.

Speaking of class, try taking a hint from Carl Edwards and removing your sunglasses while doing an on-camera interview. You'll be amazed at what it does for your popularity.

Finally, learning CPR could be helpful for the next time you choke away the points lead when a championship is within arm's reach.