04/29/13 — Kornegay's main goal -- Have fun her senior year

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Kornegay's main goal -- Have fun her senior year

By Rudy Coggins
Published in Sports on April 29, 2013 1:47 PM

Kelsey Kornegay knew she had the determination, but wondered if she'd have the discipline to handle a major challenge during her senior season at Wayne Christian.

No problem.

The articulate, out-spoken athlete decided to play five sports -- one in the fall and two each in the winter and spring. No one doubted her ability and Kornegay never questioned her decision.

Having fun was her ultimate goal.

"I had never played volleyball, swam or played soccer before," sad Kornegay, who transferred from Rosewood to Wayne Christian midway through her junior year. I found out you could play more than one sport and I wanted to try out some new sports, so I played as many as I could.

"It was definitely a learning experience. They were more fun to me because I was care-free about them. (But) basketball and softball I was more serious about because I knew more about them. Those were my passions (at Rosewood)."

Kornegay is the first-ever athlete -- male or female -- to play five sports in a single calendar year at Wayne Christian. Chase Gardner, who graduated in 2012, emerged the first-ever athlete to participate in four sports in one season -- soccer, swimming, basketball and baseball.

Senior Brooke Barfield, who transferred back from Charles B. Aycock, played four sports this year -- tennis, basketball, softball and soccer.

Administrators and coaches at Wayne Christian encourage their students to participate in athletics, which helps build skills for life's numerous day-to-day challenges. No one deterred Kornegay from attempting her task and have shown full support each season.

Kornegay admits volleyball provided the least amount of pressure since a structured schedule allowed her to balance games, practice, homework and a part-time job. She could even spend time with friends.

Things got a little tougher in the winter.

The Eagles swam meets on Mondays. The basketball team had two games scheduled per week. Practices exhausted time that could have been devoted to homework and involved community projects through the school's National Honor Society.

"I learned that if I work hard enough, I can get stuff done," Kornegay smiled. "I found I have the determination to balance homework, work and sports together. It's taught me discipline to do what I have to do in a timely fashion."

Spring sports have definitely tested Kornegay's mettle.

Softball and soccer games have taken up either four or five days of the week. Four classes on campus and two at Wayne Community College have Kornegay burning the midnight oil, especially on nights when she has an away game.

Through it all, she's compiled a 3.8 grade-point average.

"If I had a full day here, I wouldn't be able to do this," said Kornegay, who plans to attend Wayne CC for one year and transfer to Campbell University.

The choice to play five sports and double up during two seasons isn't about individual recognition for Kornegay. She's thrilled to have developed friendships along the way with classmates that she would probably see only during the day -- either in the hallway or in class.

Those relationships will provide memories for Kornegay, who wanted to make her senior season in high school unforgettable.

"I just wanted to have fun," Kornegay said.