01/11/14 — 42nd George Whitfield Hall of Fame inductee quotes

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42nd George Whitfield Hall of Fame inductee quotes

By From staff reports
Published in Sports on January 11, 2014 11:33 PM

Here is what some inductees had to say about their enshrinement in the George Whitfield Hall of Fame:

"It's a wonderful thing what George is doing with the kids in terms of scholarships (to attend the clinic) which has been ongoing for a long time. Any time you can do something to impact the lives of young people, it's a wonderful thing. To be inducted with such a distinguished group is fabulous. It was a great event and I'm glad to have been a part of it."

-- M.L. Carr,

Wallace-Rose Hill alum

and former Boston Celtics great

"I was honored just for him to consider me and to actually to be able to go through it and get inducted with all the others who have come before me, it's great to be included and help give back to the community like he does. I never even thought I had gotten into a position to be considered for his Hall of Fame. I'm touched that he's thought enough of what I've acomplished thus far to include me. I never thought I'd get one year in in the NFL and I've got nine."

-- Greg Warren,

Long snapper and two-time Super Bowl champ with the Pittsburgh Steelers

"I think it's wonderful to be inducted into that Hall of Fame. I was surely surprised. George, I've known for a long, long time and it's certainly nice for him to honor all of us."

-- Hilda Worthington,

Former head women's basketball coach

at Farmville Central HS

"To be selected, it's humbling. I don't know if I'm worthy or not to be honest with you. Baseball is really my favorite sport and I played a little gorwing up. I love the game and love everrything about it. For George to offer me (for induction), it's a big deal and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, I really do. I have so much respect and admiration for Billy, he really works his tail off with the baseball program here at ECU. To be inducted with him is an honor, too."

-- Jeff Charles,

Voice of the East Carolina Pirates

"For me, it's about being a part of this community. It represents to me the strength of our nation that our nation never defends itself just by considering people that are out there getting shot at. It's the entire community that's involved ... the sons, the daughters of America. This ceremony here represents the heroes amongst us, the fact that we defend this nation and this way of life so that we can have these kind of ceremonies to honor those that give in sports, in life and in defense of this nation. It's all the same calling and that is living a full life serving one another. I'm honored to be a part of that and I'm very blessed to be part of this community."

-- Maj. General Steve Kwast,

A veteran of numerous overseas operations

who spent time at Seymour Johnson AFB

"Everybody has told me what an honor it is and how wonderful it is. Heck, it's an honor when anybody remembers you. Getting the chance to be involved with this and getting inducted with Norma King is special. Clyde gave me my first-ever signed baseball in bupllen at Ebbetts Field when he was pitching with the Brooklyn Dodgers."

-- Fred Goldsmith,

Former Duke head football coach,

motivtational speaker

"To be the third generation of Narrons inducted is quite something within itself. It started with my grandfather. It just shows the time, effort and sacrifice not only he, my dad and myself put in, but all the things our family had to deal with us coming and going so often. It's not an easy way of life. It just speaks of the character of the people who are behind us."

-- Sam Narron

Pitching coach with Auburn Doubledays

"I'm humbled that I'm included with these people who have volunteered and sacrificed, and have done things outside and inside their profession. It's one thing to teach and coach, then to volunteer your time and give back to the community ... it's a big honor for me."

-- Jerry Winterton,

All-time winningest coach in Cary HS wrestling history

"I grew up going to George's clinic as a junior in 1980 at Northern Nash HS. Since then, I've either been a guest or someone who just went to listen. I know George honors a lot of people (and) to be put on that level is pretty overwhelming. The impact he's had on the baseball community and for somebody to reach out and say he wants to honor you has special meaning to me."

-- Billy Godwin

Head baseball coach

at East Carolina University