01/15/18 — Wrestling -- Rosewood dominates Firebird Duals

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Wrestling -- Rosewood dominates Firebird Duals

By Staff Reports
Published in Sports on January 15, 2018 9:48 PM

N.C. High School wrestling pillar Rosewood capped another stellar week on the mat with a bit of light work last Saturday at the Firebird Duals.

Individual match results are as follows:

Rosewood (ROSE) 58,

Swansboro (SWAN) 18

285: Nyterrius Williams (ROSE) over   (SWAN) (For.) 106: Malika Haines (ROSE) over Josh Carpenter (SWAN) (Fall 1:15) 113: Christian Decatur (ROSE) over Daniel Hale (SWAN) (Fall 2:42) 120: Timothy Decatur (ROSE) over Andruw  Serkiz (SWAN) (Fall 0:11) 126: Reid Amodeo (ROSE) over Riley Barger (SWAN) (Dec 6-1) 132: Jakob  Burkett (SWAN) over Wesley Sturgill (ROSE) (Fall 1:40) 138: Tanner Smith (ROSE) over Nathan Lumas (SWAN) (Fall 0:54) 145: Jordan Todd (ROSE) over River Carroll (SWAN) (MD 10-0) 152: Santiago Blea (ROSE) over Tristan Gee (SWAN) (Fall 0:50) 160: Joey Behrend (ROSE) over Clayton Pettus Jr.  (SWAN) (Dec 8-7) 170: Collin Pendergraph (ROSE) over   (SWAN) (For.) 182: David Brown (ROSE) over Gabe  Smith (SWAN) (Fall 0:57) 195: Joseph Spencer (SWAN) over Noah Carden (ROSE) (Fall 1:56) 220: Patrick  Peterson (SWAN) over   (ROSE) (For.)

Rosewood (ROSE) 57,

Southern Nash (SONA) 21

113: Kendrell Woodard (SONA) over Malika Haines (ROSE) (Fall 2:13) 120: Timothy Decatur (ROSE) over Daniel Medina (SONA) (TF 15-0 2:37) 126: Reid Amodeo (ROSE) over Ryan Flippin (SONA) (Fall 1:44) 132: Braeden Reiss (ROSE) over Guadalupe Salazar (SONA) (Fall 1:14) 138: Tanner Smith (ROSE) over Ben Emig (SONA) (Fall 0:40) 145: Jordan Todd (ROSE) over Luke Coble (SONA) (Fall 1:37) 152: Joey Behrend (ROSE) over Sam Green (SONA) (TF 17-2 4:36) 160: Gael Jaramillo (ROSE) over   (SONA) (For.) 170: Collin Pendergraph (ROSE) over Terrence Raspberry (SONA) (TF 17-0 4:00) 182: Zachary Coble (SONA) over David Brown (ROSE) (Dec 8-6) 195: Noah Carden (ROSE) over Rylan Hight (SONA) (Fall 0:35) 220: Pedro Vargas (SONA) over   (ROSE) (For.) 285: Dakota Parker (SONA) over Andrew Wade (ROSE) (Fall 4:35) 106: Christian Decatur (ROSE) over   (SONA) (For.)

Rosewood (ROSE) 56,

Rocky Mount (ROMO) 24

195: David Brown (ROSE) over Joshua Scott (ROMO) (Fall 3:11) 220: Noah Carden (ROSE) over Zaire Lawrence (ROMO) (Fall 0:40) 285: Nyterrius Williams (ROSE) over Abdullu Hroub (ROMO) (Fall 2:37) 106: Christian Decatur (ROSE) over William Lucas (ROMO) (Fall 1:36) 113: David Jacob (ROMO) over Malika Haines (ROSE) (Fall 1:36) 120: Timothy Decatur (ROSE) over Rahsun Lawrence (ROMO) (Dec 7-2) 126: Reid Amodeo (ROSE) over Walker Thompson (ROMO) (TF 15-0 2:14) 132: Keyonte Williams (ROMO) over Wesley Sturgill (ROSE) (Fall 2:43) 138: Jordan Todd (ROSE) over   (ROMO) (For.) 145: Tanner Smith (ROSE) over   (ROMO) (For.) 152: Trevon Hatch (ROMO) over Santiago Blea (ROSE) (Fall 4:00) 160: Joey Behrend (ROSE) over SaDarius Lewis (ROMO) (Fall 1:15) 170: Collin Pendergraph (ROSE) over Jarrod Mercer (ROMO) (Fall 0:30) 182: Markus Battle (ROMO) over Julissa Jaramillo (ROSE) (Fall 2:23)

Rosewood (ROSE) 71,

Northern Nash (NONA) 12

106: Chase Hare (ROSE) over   (NONA) (For.) 113: Christian Decatur (ROSE) over Garret Williamson (NONA) (Fall 1:14) 120: Timothy Decatur (ROSE) over Jordan Whitaker (NONA) (TF 21-4 2:48) 126: Braeden Reiss (ROSE) over   (NONA) (For.) 132: Reid Amodeo (ROSE) over Paul Powell (NONA) (Fall 3:12) 138: Tanner Smith (ROSE) over Jayvien Romney (NONA) (Fall 3:15) 145: Jordan Todd (ROSE) over Airrick Moore (NONA) (Fall 0:21) 152: Joey Behrend (ROSE) over Isaiah Thomas (NONA) (Fall 0:52) 160: Bryce Miles (NONA) over Jarelle Simmons (ROSE) (Fall 2:36) 170: Collin Pendergraph (ROSE) over Ari Barnes (NONA) (Fall 2:57) 182: Luke Evans (ROSE) over   (NONA) (For.) 195: David Brown (ROSE) over   (NONA) (For.) 220: Andrew Grant (NONA) over Noah Carden (ROSE) (Fall 1:29) 285: Nyterrius Williams (ROSE) over   (NONA) (For.)

Rosewood (ROSE) 55,

Millbrook (MILL) 24

220: Noah Carden (ROSE) over   (MILL) (For.) 285: Andrew Wade (ROSE) over   (MILL) (For.) 106: Will  Saby (MILL) over Malika Haines (ROSE) (Fall 0:39) 113: Christian Decatur (ROSE) over Koa Weatherspoon (MILL) (TF 16-0 4:45) 120: Timothy Decatur (ROSE) over John  Seagraves (MILL) (Fall 0:16) 126: Alex  Samuelson (MILL) over Braeden Reiss (ROSE) (Fall 0:44) 132: Reid Amodeo (ROSE) over Javion  Jones (MILL) (TF 17-2 3:23) 138: Jordan Todd (ROSE) over Noah  Klingaman (MILL) (Fall 0:18) 145: Tanner Smith (ROSE) over   (MILL) (For.) 152: Santiago Blea (ROSE) over   (MILL) (For.) 160: Gael Jaramillo (ROSE) over Darius Fox (MILL) (Dec 7-3) 170: Collin Pendergraph (ROSE) over Jacob Anderson (MILL) (Fall 1:38) 182: Holden Cypher (MILL) over Jacob Finney (ROSE) (Fall 2:44) 195: Ben Williard (MILL) over David Brown (ROSE) (Fall 1:08)